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Freezing Kids with Liquid Nitrogen?

Ooops... that should have read... Freezing an Unforgettable Science Experience in the Minds of Young Children (but the first one is so much more catchy...) I spend a lot of time training early childhood teachers in ways to make science more fun and meaningful in their classrooms. Gone are the days of collecting leaves in a plastic baggie and calling it science. [...]

Nick Uhas Appears on Today Show with Deep Voice Gas – Sulfur Hexafluoride

It's WOW Week on the Today Show and it only makes sense to bring in a YouTube science guy to share some internet classics. Decked out in a white lab coat and safety glasses, Nick Uhas started off with a demonstration of heavy gas... the deep voice experiment... anti-helium... or just plain old sulfur hexafluoride (SF6). This seems to be the obligatory first [...]

5 Viral Science Experiments You Did Not Know We Have Done Already

The term “viral” has undergone quite the makeover since the end of the 20th century. A word that used to have a connotation on par with “bacterial” has now become something that is sought after.  Going viral entails that something is spreading like proverbial wildfire. There’s viral marketing, viral memes, viral video, and viral photos. There are even viral science experiments. The [...]

Boiling Water Turns Into Snow in Subzero Temps a Hoax

Another science hoax is sweeping the country, it seems.  As two-thirds of the country is gripped in the clutches of a Polar Vortex, many are spending time outside in the cold trying to create instant snow. Internet videos and stories are telling people to head outdoors in the subzero temps with a pot of boiling water. They claim when you throw the [...]

The Best of Steve Spangler Sick Science! Videos January 2013

What a great start to 2013! From Pop Rocks, mystery liquids, folding eggs and even a VIRAL video showing how to remove iron from your breakfast cereal, to newspaper trees, dirty cell phones, and instantly freezing water. Our Sick Science! Video Team works hard to create and develop the best science experiment how to's every month.  Hope you enjoyed this month [...]

Instant Freeze – Water Turns to Ice in a Flash

During the cold winter months, do you ever leave a bottle of water or soda in your car or garage overnight? What happens the next day when the drink is still liquid you twist off the cap and the drink instantly freezes! How does this work and what is the science behind it? Grab some ice, some salt and some plastic bottles [...]

Cold Weather Science – Frozen Bubbles

By Blog Editor Susan Wells Over the weekend, the girls and I took advantage of the Denver deep freeze to brave the cold and do a little science. We pulled out the summer bubble kit and experimented with what would happen to a bubble when it is 3 degrees outside. We bundled up and headed outside. The plan was to use plain dish [...]

The Science Behind Cooking a Turkey

By Blog Editor Susan Wells The turkeys are all defrosting (or at least should be) and come bright and early Thursday morning, millions will be cooking in ovens across the United States. The turkey is the star of our Thanksgiving holiday, so we asked the following questions to find out the science behind it. What is the best way to cook a [...]

Make Your Own Ice Cream and Beat the Heat

The summer is heating up. In Denver, we've hit the triple digits. What's the best way to beat the heat? By eating ice cream of course! Don't worry about going to the store - grab some ice, sugar and cream and mix up a batch of your own.  But before you start, let's do a quick science lesson on ice cream. The freezing temperature [...]