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The Fear of Becoming Invisible – How Great Teachers Use Science Demos as Object Lessons

We salute and thank all of those great teachers out there who find engaging activities to get their students back in the seats and ready to learn for another school year. If you’re a teacher, you know all too well the challenges we face keeping our students engaged and interested. If we’re not careful, it’s […]


Move Objects with Your Mind

Looking for a way to entertain or just plain annoy your friends? Then invite them over, pull out the wine glasses and perform a mind trick. Well, maybe not really a mind trick, but a trick that uses what else but science. The ability to move an object with your mind is called telekinesis. Magicians […]


Growing Bacteria Experiment Helps BJ and Howie from Alice 105.9 Search for "Things" in the Studio

BJ and Howie are familiar voices to morning listeners of Alice 105.9. Whenever their conversation veers off on a science tangent, I know that my phone might ring. Several months ago, Howie was so certain that the studio was infected with mold spores that he paid to have his workplace tested. Any guesses? That’s right… […]


Fun Fly Stick Makes Floating Objects Easy

Static electricity demos are a staple in every science teacher’s bag of tricks, but this science demo was different than anything I had ever seen. The Fun Fly Stick was first introduced in Europe and made it’s way to the U.S. earlier this year. It’s an ingenious, battery-operated static electricity generator that allows you to […]