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Vote for Steve Spangler in the Shorty Awards

Written by Susan Wells, MommyBlogger at "Hollywood has the Oscars. Broadway has the Tonys. Now Twitter has the...Shorty Awards" - The New York Times The Shorty Awards celebrate the best people and organizations on Twitter. They are supported and judged by the Twitter community who picks the nominees and votes on them.  Winners in 27 categories will be announced  in [...]

Multi-Channel Merchant Awards Website of the Year – ACCM 2009 Wins Two Prestigious Multi-Channel Merchant Awards for Outstanding Customer Engagement After many long months of suspense, the winners of the 24th Annual Multichannel Merchant Awards were finally announced during a special luncheon at the ACCM show in New Orleans last week. The team took home two prestigious awards - the Website of the Year Award for 2009 and the Gold [...]

2008 EduBlog Awards – Winner for Best Educational Video

We just found out this week that we won the 2008 EduBlog award for Best Educational Video and it's all because of amazing followers like all of you. When we got the word out that we were nominated for this award, the congratulations came pouring in... and so did the votes. After the dust had cleared, we learned that [...]

2008 EduBlog Awards – Nominated for Best Use of Video

We are honored to be nominated for the 2008 EduBlog Awards (Eddies as they're called) in the category of Best Use of Video / Visual. This is the fifth year of the EduBlog Awards and the list of categories and nominees is the largest ever. Voting is now open for the 2008 awards If you have a second, it would be great if [...]

Jefferson County School District – The Teacher Salary Debate

Our office is located outside of Denver, Colorado. The Jefferson County School District is in our backyard. Teacher sickouts and student protests recently made national news when one of the school board members proposed creating an advisory counsel to review curriculum in AP History classes. Those protests and frustration aimed at the majority board members is only a small part of tensions [...]

Rocket Boy Homer Hickam Ignites Passion for Science in 4th Grade Engineers

The 4th graders at Willow Creek Elementary and their amazing teacher, Lisa Heaton, took a lesson out of the books, literally, and tested their rocket-building skills. They read Homer Hickam's book, Rocket Boys. Then they set out on their own to design and build a rocket out of construction paper, tape and clay. That's it. No engines or explosives helped launch these [...]

Science Fair Judging – Why Didn’t I Win?

Dr, Maille Lyons, The Science Fair Coach Most of the time, when you don’t win, a science fair there isn’t any feedback on why your project was not selected as one of the best. Here is a list of the 5 most common reasons a project, that might otherwise seem like a “winner” does not even place in the top tier. 1. Violation: Gadgeteering Explanation: [...]

How is a Science Fair Judged and Tips for Science Fair Success

Dr, Maille Lyons, The Science Fair Coach How is a Science Fair Judged? It might surprise you to learn that there are no rules on how a science fair must be judged.  In an ideal situation, all science fair judges would review all of the projects, and then interview all of the students, and then come to an agreement on the ranking of the [...]

Staff Spotlight on Our Beloved Mae (and Steve's Mother-in-Law)

Q: Tell us a little about who you are… A: I am a wife of 46 years, mother of three, and grandmother of eight.  And . . . I happen to be Steve’s mother-in-law so there are lots of stories I can tell you about him!!  I can still very vividly remember Steve and our daughter, Renée, sitting at our kitchen table discussing whether or [...]