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Science of Food – Molecular Gastronomy

Molecular gastronomy sounds more like a condition than something cool to eat. It's a cool kind of science that is sweeping trendy restaurants across the country. Ingredients undergo change while cooking. Molecular gastronomy studies the physical and chemical changes that food undergoes while cooking. Certain ingredients produce certain reactions and it's the newest trend for chefs to make fake caviar from sodium [...]

Alex… Astronomy and Music For $200

Someday you might be invited to compete on Jepoardy and you'll thank our trust blog contributors for this nerdy information. Did you know that a musician named Gustav Holst was so fascinated by astronomy that he wrote several pieces of classical music about planets? In fact, he wrote music for all of the planets except Earth and Pluto. Why was Pluto [...]

Earn a Science-Themed Badge at Junior Ranger Programs at a National Park

By Contributor Jacquie Fisher, KC Edventures The Junior Ranger programs in our National Parks are a wonderful way to introduce kids to hand-on science opportunities.  Science and nature activities are offered to kids and families are more than 200 of our National Parks and Monuments. We love the Junior Ranger programs and have attended quite a few over the years.   Kids as young [...]

Prevent Summer Learning Loss by Keeping It Fun

By Blog Editor Susan Wells For parents who want to encourage their kids to stay on top of their studies without cramming books and lessons down their throats, here are a few ideas to keep their minds strong over the summer. Science Start with the Steve Spangler Science Summer Science Experiment Guide for tons of ideas for amazing science experiments. Check out an astronomy program [...]

Three Planets Form Rare Sunset Triangle

On Sunday, May 26th, a very special sunset will take place. Three planets - Venus, Jupiter and Mercury will form a triangle in the night sky. They will all be visible to the naked eye or seen together in a binocular field. This is a fairly rare celestial event. The last time it happened was in May 2011 and the next time [...]

Annular Solar Eclipse This Weekend – Share Your Photos With Us

By Blog Editor, Susan Wells Don't fear the werewolves and vampires this weekend. An annular eclipse will make it's way across the western United States. This Sunday, May 20th in the late afternoon, an annular eclipse of the sun will be visible to the United States and a narrow path across the northern Hemisphere. A partial eclipse will be visible in East Asia, [...]

Carnival of Education: Education Buzz

Welcome to the latest Education Buzz! Steve Spangler Science is honored to be your host this week. Education is all about connections, you know. Nothing exists in a vacuum, or even only within the four walls of a classroom. All things connect to all other things in one way or another. As educators, we encourage our students to [...]

Congratulations to Our Teacher Appreciation Winners

At the beginning of May, we asked you to nominate your favorite science teacher for our Teacher Appreciation Award.  The entries came pouring in, and we are excited to spotlight our winners.  Huge thanks to everyone who participated!  We found some truly remarkable teachers out there and we are excited to feature them here... and each of our winners gets a [...]

How the Mentos Geyser Works – Theory Confirmed!

It's probably the most asked question we get... "How exactly does that experiment with the Mentos and Diet Coke really work?" From the outset (nearly eight years ago), we hypothesized that the exploding soda was a physical reaction, and the key factor in the release of carbon dioxide was the microscopic pits on the surface of the chewy mint. However, there was [...]