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Alka-Seltzer Rocket

What happens when you have a build-up of gas? Please don't answer that question! The gas in question is carbon dioxide and the explosion is nothing short of fun. This experiment uses film canisters and Alka-Seltzer to create a rocket. Warning: It's impossible to do this activity just once. It is addicting and habit-forming. Proceed at your own risk! Watch the video Read [...]

Steve Returns to the Ellen DeGeneres Show for 14th Appearance

What does 3,000 Alka-Seltzer Tablets, 3,000 film canisters and Steve Spangler have in common with the Ellen DeGeneres Show? Steve demonstrated the explosive power of carbon dioxide when thousands of film canisters rained down on the Ellen set Wednesday. Cameras were covered, Ellen dressed in a rain coat, safety goggles and a hard hat and even Tony had an umbrella for protection. [...]

4th Graders Building Rockets – Inspired by October Sky

Today, the fourth graders at Wilder Elementary got the strangest homework assignment... Go home and build a rocket! Earlier in the week, the students gather together and watched the movie October Sky, based on Homer Hickam's novel, Rocket Boys. I was invited to visit each of the 4th grade classes to share some of the science behind building rockets. Some simple [...]

Colorado Science Teacher of the Year

Just stick your head above the crowd and someone will shoot at it. One Colorado elementary teacher is getting hit in the head with flying film canisters powered by water and Alka-Seltzer... and the kids are being praised. Colorado Association of Science Teachers selected Shannon Koppenfafer as the Science Teacher of the Year for the state's elementary school teachers. She [...]