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Water Jelly Crystals

These amazing pebble-sized polymer crystals mysteriously grow.


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Water Jelly Crystals Jar 100 grams (3.5 oz)

Item #: WSAC-550

Water Jelly Crystals 454 grams (1 pound)

Item #: WSAC-650

Water Jelly Crystals 2.27 kg (5 pounds)

Item #: WSAC-900


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Recommended for age 6 to 7 with adult supervision.

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Water Jelly Crystals

These amazing pebble-sized polymer crystals mysteriously grow into huge pieces of gel-like material when you add water. In fact, these crystals absorb 150-300 times their weight in water! Because of their incredible thirst, they're even used to reduce the amount of water needed to water crops and gardens during years of drought! Included with each package of crystals is a science activity guide, with lots of fun ideas for science projects. Water Jelly Crystals are an example of amazing Hydrogels... superabsorbent polymers that are saving the environment. Ages 6 and up.

What's Included?
  • Water Jelly Crystal polymer in your choice of container size
  • Science activity guide
How Does It Work?

Soak the crystals in water and see how fast they absorb water! In just a few minutes you'll have a huge bowl of icy looking crystals, only they're not cold! Dry them out on a paper towel, and you can use them again!

What Does It Teach?

Discover how polymers perform very important functions in everyday life. Sometimes referred to as Hydrogels, they're used in everything from baby diapers to environmental cleanup materials! Aside from their environmental and industrial uses, superabsorbent crystals are a great way to teach kids about color and light!

Customer Reviews

good for showing to your freinds Review by Dom

If you want them to have color put some food coloring in them When you soak them (Posted on 11/8/13)

Watching Things Grow in Water is Always Cool! Review by Karri

My 6th grader needed to do a project for his Science class that had to be presented in the science fair. When we found this site and this product he said, "That's the one!". He was excited to have a project with so many practical uses and the mushy water gel stuff is just cool! Not only did the water jelly crystals capture his interest and solve our need for a project idea, it got his imagination going!! These little crystals are worth their 3X growth weight in gold! (Posted on 5/11/13)

STEM Student Expo Review by Thomas Hollen

The jelly crystals were a hit. I had made up some colored ones, but had a a five gallon bucket half full of expanded crystals. I put a sign in from of it that said "Warm Ice". Everyone had to stick their hands in it. I got a widw variety of reactions from WOW to OOOUU. I gave several teachers samples and the catalog I had with me. It was a real hit and brought a lot of students to our table. (Posted on 3/27/13)

Water Jelly Crystals Review by Rhonda

Works just like described. Kids thought they were cool. They all wanted to feel them. (Posted on 3/9/13)

mad scientists at work Review by Phyllis Mueses

My 4th grade "mad scientist" chemistry club really loved observing how the jelly crystals reacted with water and various other liquids. They are still observing how long it takes for the water to evaporate for the crystals to return to their original state. This stuff really has them excited about working like a scientist! (Posted on 2/24/13)

Very Cool! Review by Katie

I ordered the jelly crystals for a color mixing project with my students. The tiny little crystals (size of rock salt) grew to giant squishy chunks in just an hour. I left them overnight and they grew even more! I even used some of them in my garden to help regulate water in my potted plants. Very cool! I will order again when I use them all up!
-Also got the jelly marbles as a free gift with my order - Very cool, as well! (Posted on 2/10/13)

great for a group Review by lisa

We love to color these crystals with each child's customized color after they create a color with the color tablets. (Posted on 12/24/12)

Have been looking for this! Review by Misty

I bought some of these in the early 90's and have grown several plants in the same batch. Finally, I found SSScience and am able to get more! No more dirty potting soil for my houseplants! And the kids in my summer program are going to be amazed! I can't wait to give them all cuttings and let them take home their own crystal "earth". (Posted on 11/5/12)

Best stuff ever Review by Liz B

Ive used these for years. Its simple and easy for my 1st graders to do on their own. Great for measuring. I also use steve spangler's "pinch and mix gel colors" and mix those together to create different colors for our crystals. I get the 5lb bag and it lasts for months. (Posted on 10/12/12)

Water crystals Review by Kimber

These water crystals are great for planting new plants to making water crystal rainbows in test tubes. My only complaint is that it takes an hour for these to grow. (Posted on 9/29/12)

My brain popped with happiness! Review by Shay Williams

Those jelly balls are so awesome! My mom was so shocked when I told her what a polymer was! I would also like to say thanks for the snow; my 4yr old cousin enjoyed that the most. Your products just leaves me speechless, and there is no word that can describe the happiness and enjoyment that I had with your product!!!!!! ----Shay---- (Posted on 8/6/12)

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