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See-Through Compost Kit

Experience the decomposition of different materials firsthand


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Item #: WCOM-250

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Recommended for age 4 to 5 with adult supervision.

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See-Through Compost Kit

Different materials have different rates of decomposition, but up until now it has been difficult to observe. With the See-Through Compost Container, you can witness the decomposition and decay of different items side-by-side. The results may surprise you! You can try comparing a banana with a piece of paper, or check to see if an apple will decompose faster than an orange. The in-depth teacher's guide will supply you with plenty of ideas, a time chart, and science fair project possibilities.
The See-Through Compost Container's three compartment design allows budding ecologists to make simultaneous observations of three separate decomposition scenarios. Each compartment of the See-Through Compost Container has a stationary magnifying window to observe the decomposition process more closely. Also included are three thermometers to compare the temperature of the decaying materials. Survey the three compartments and their different decomposing substances as their rate of decay and temperature vary from day to day.

What's Included?
  • One 12"x8"x4" See-Through Compost Container
    • Each of three compartments measures 8"x4"x4"
  • One plastic, grass themed container cover
  • One plastic, dirt themed container stand
  • Three 9" thermometers
  • One teacher's guide with science fair ideas
How Does It Work?

The See-Through Compost Container uses its three watertight compartments to allow young scientists to experiment with separate, side-by-side decomposition scenarios.

What Does It Teach?

The unique three compartment set-up of the See-Through Compost Container offers a one-of-a-kind apparatus for comparing decomposing materials. Students and teachers alike will marvel at their ability to witness the entire decomposition process and compare different materials during simultaneous decay.

Science Fair Connection

The See Through Compost Kit is a great tool for examining the science behind decomposition, but that by itself isn't a science fair project. You need to identify a variable, or something in the experiment that can be changed. The See Through Compost Kit offers the ability to conduct three different experiments at once, making it perfect for variables. Here are a few variable ideas to use with your See Through Compost Kit:

  • Test different soil types.
  • Try measuring the decomposition rates of different materials.
  • Check if the amount of water in the soil changes decomposition rate.

Those are just three of the multitude of variables you could change with the See Through Compost Kit. We're sure you can come up with way more! Whatever variable you choose, remember to keep the rest of your experiment the same.


Customer Reviews

OMG!!! Review by Kathy M.

This is the greatest thing I've ever bought for my classroom. It gives the kids an up close eye view of decomposing. Every Elementary teacher should have one. (Posted on 5/18/13)

fun Review by jenny

This project was very fun,i am using this kit for my science fair project.i am using an apple,newspaper,and a Styrofoam cup i recommended this kit to everyone! (Posted on 4/25/13)

Excellent Composting Demo Review by Jennifer Boeder

I purchased this kit for an Earth Day booth promoting composting. I filled the sections with soil, placing two banana peels in each section at a height that lined up with the magnifiers. I repeated this at different time intervals: 14 days, 7 days and 2 days, and labeled them. It drew a big crowd! Children and adults liked seeing the decomposition process. The "day 2" section was obviously banana peels, but by day 14, they were almost completely decomposed. I did not use the thermometers. They are glass, and I was concerned with them breaking, especially with so many children touching the display. (Posted on 3/8/13)

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