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Mixed Colors Sun Sensitive Fabric

Develop photographic images on fabric.

Item #: WBLU-300

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Developing images on photographic paper has always been a favorite with kids… but times have changed. Now you can develop the image directly on a piece of fabric.  Just lay the design objects (leaves, coins, transparencies, etc.) on the pre-treated fabric and expose the fabric to the sun. After ten minutes, simply rinse the fabric with plain water and watch as a beautiful blue and white photograph develops. 

Use this pack containing multiple colors - in red, yellow, green, and more. Watch the color change before your eyes!

What's Included?
  • 20 pieces of specially-treated fabric in 22 cm (8.5") squares of multiple colors
How Does It Work?

What’s the secret? The fabric square is hand treated with a light sensitive solution, dried and sealed in a light-proof bag – ready to print. This process is certified non-hazardous and is perfect as a class demonstration or a small group activity.

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