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Geyser Tube

Launch a Mentos soda geyser 30 feet in the air with the Geyser Tube


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Geyser Tube

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Geyser Tube - Fountain, Fan & Run

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Recommended for age 6 to 7 with adult supervision.

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Mentos Geyser Tube

Geyser Tube

The Geyser Tube™ is a loading tube for the now famous Diet Coke geyser powered by MENTOS®. If you've ever tried doing the experiment, you know how difficult it can be to drop the MENTOS® into the bottle before the reaction takes off... and you're soaking wet. The Geyser Tube will give you a perfect launch every time with time to stand back.

Attach the Geyser Tube to any bottle of soda (but diet soda works best because it's not sticky - no sugar!) Secure the trigger pin in place. Load the MENTOS® into the tube, lock the special pressurizing nozzle in place and pull the pin. Oh, by the way, it's best to pull the pin and then run away. The MENTOS® drop into the bottle and the powerful soda geyser comes shooting out the top with enough pressure to reach an incredible height of 30 feet. That's a record!

Improvements to the Geyser Tube have taken the geyser-creating tool to a whole new level. The trigger mechanism now has a double pull pin action, making sure there's no unwanted eruptions. When you're ready to pull the pin, a tighter seal means that you can achieve a 30 foot geyser with as few as two MENTOS® candies.

You also have the option of attaching three different Geyser Tube caps: Fountain, Fan, or "Runaway." Choose the shape of your geyser with three new Geyser Tube caps. Pick your Fountain cap to create a three spout geyser that resembles a fountain, the Fan cap to create a fan-shaped soda geyser, or the Run Away cap. Let's just say you won't want to stick around to see the shape that the last one makes.

What's Included?
Geyser Tube
  • New and improved Geyser Tube
    • Double pull pin action
    • Pressurizing nozzle
    • Improved threading
  • Roll of MENTOS® chewy mints
  • Instructions for creating the ultimate soda geyser
Geyser Tube - Fountain, Fan, & Runaway
  • New and improved Geyser Tube
    • Double pull pin action
    • Pressurizing nozzle
    • Improved threading
  • Fountain geyser cap
  • Fan geyser cap
  • "Runaway" geyser cap
  • Roll of MENTOS® chewy mints
  • Instructions for creating the ultimate soda geyser
How Does It Work?

Speaking to large crowds of buyers in New York, Steve Spangler shared a condensed history of the original geyser experiment. "Science teachers have been doing this experiment for years and years, but the original method used Wintergreen Lifesavers. When the manufacturer of the candies changed the diameter making them larger than the opening of the 2-liter bottle, teachers went looking for a substitute." Steve explained that MENTOS® candy did the trick, but dropping them into the bottle and getting away before being covered in soda was difficult. "That's why we created the Geyser Tube. Now you get a perfect drop every time without getting drenched."

What Does It Teach?

Watch the original video from 2005 that started the sensation.


  1. You’ll need a 2-liter bottle of diet soda (diet doesn’t make a sticky mess) and an outdoor location for your geyser. Select a flat surface to place the bottle.  
  2. Pull the double-action trigger pin to the “out” position and drop 2-5 MENTOS® candies into the Geyser Tube. Once the candies are in the tube, push the trigger pin to the “in” position, locking the candies in the tube. You can also add the MENTOS® into the tube by untwisting the red cap atop the tube, and dropping the candies in that way.
  3. Once the candies are settles into the tube, unscrew the 2-liter soda bottle’s cap and replace it with your Geyser Tube.
  4. Warn everyone to stand back. Countdown… 3-2-1… and pull the trigger.  The MENTOS® will drop and the soda will go flying into the air!
  5. Pour out the remaining soda and take a look at the MENTOS®. You can see where the soda has eaten away at the surface of the candy. No need to waste the candy… they still taste great.

Take the Taste Test
You’ll notice that there is still some soda left in the bottom of the bottle. Twist off the Geyser Tube and taste the soda. Beside tasting minty fresh, you’ll probably notice that all of the bubbles of carbon dioxide are gone. The soda is flat. Very interesting!

The Science Behind the Fizz
What made the soda shoot up so much higher? You already know why the soda erupts (if you forgot, re-read the explanation part of the previous experiment called The Original MENTOS® Geyser). Look closely at the cap on top of the Geyser Tube. Do you notice the small hole in the top? That’s the secret! The smaller hole caused the soda to build up more pressure and the result was a 20 to 30 foot soda geyser.

You may have also noticed the clear plastic sleeve that slides back and forth on the Geyser Tube. When you pull the pin, the sleeve drops down to cover the two holes at the bottom of the Geyser Tube where the pin used to be. Without the sleeve, lots of soda shoots out from the two holes and keeps the geyser from going higher. Steve Spangler worked on many ways to keep the soda from shooting out of the holes and the sleeve method is the one he liked the best (and so did the attorneys who filed the patent for the Geyser Tube).

The Geyser Tube™ is a Steve Spangler Science creation. Patent Pending.
MENTOS® is a registered trademark of Perfetti Van Melle B.V.



Science Fair Connection:

Setting off a Mentos Geyser isn't, by itself, a science fair project. There are some very easy ways to make experimenting with geysers a great science fair project, though. The key to creating an awesome Mentos Geyser themed science fair project is isolating a variable. A variable is a component of the experiment that changes and, hopefully, alters the experiment. Some examples of possible variables with the Mentos Geyser include:

  • Try different brands or types of soda and find a way to measure which erupts the highest.
  • Test different numbers of Mentos to find the number of Mentos that creates the tallest geyser.
  • Find out what temperature is best for geyser eruptions.

These are just examples of variations that you can try to turn the Mentos Geyser Tube into a science fair project. Remember, you have to keep all other factors the same. If you're testing different brands of soda, make sure the number of Mentos you use is always the same and that the sodas are kept at the same temperature. 

Customer Reviews

Fell Short! Review by Kristen Sandarelli

We thought it was cool, but we were really disappointed when it only shot up about 10 feet instead of the advertised 25 feet. (Posted on 4/28/13)

Love the geyser tube! Review by Aurora

I didn't tell my kids anything about what was going to happen when they pulled the pin, and they were absolutely delighted when I did! The tube makes the geysers so easy, and they really shoot up high. (Posted on 4/20/13)

Geyser Tube Works Great Review by Bill Barnhart

Geyser tube worked great! Easier to follow instructions and you get a perfect geyser every time using a diet soda. Would highly recommend. (Posted on 3/19/13)

geyser O fun Review by Don C

You have seen enough YouTube vids to know that (Mentos)7+(Diet Coke)1= NO WAY, THAT IS SOOO COOL! "SCIENCE!!!" (Posted on 1/31/13)

geyser success Review by Jane Crooks

I had a blast with my class of "seasoned citizens!" We did the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment old school (about 4 ft fountain), then did it with the Geyser Tube - close to 20 feet. My octogenarian students were delighted!! Also did the experiment with college students I coach, and with my mechanics! We are all LOL!!!

Zarah, thanks for the additional Green Fizzers. I sent them to my nephew in La Jolla, Ca, where leprechauns wreak havoc! He will be surprising the leprechaun who visits his house - i.e, his dad!


(Posted on 12/25/12)

Pre School Science Review by Rebecca Mitchell

I taught an afternoon science program at a Preschool in California. The children and I wanted to know if it was Mentos that made the highest eruption. Using diet coke we set up three geyser stations. One had 11 mentos, the next had M & Ms filling the tube and the last one had our play ground sand which includes some dirt and glitter! The children gave their hypotheses and the rip cords were pulled. To my surprise the sand geyser was the highest followed by the Mentos one. I guess the surface of the sand caused this bigger reaction. Thanks for the good fun and safe projects. (Posted on 11/21/12)

Great Gadget Review by Sarah

This experiment can be done without this gadget but using this made it so much better. It perfectly fits any regular soda bottles. (Posted on 10/31/12)

FUN Review by Eric

Worked GREAT and a simple, effective design! (Posted on 9/9/12)

Side Shooting Review by Melanie Kost

We purchased the newer version with the 3 extra tops that were supposed to spray in different directions. It was hard to tell if they really worked because, as mentioned in previous reviews, the soda tends to shoot out the sides, rather than straight out the top. They still shot pretty high, and the kids loved getting drenched in soda. Still a lot of fun! (Posted on 7/22/12)

Cola Mentos Review by ann

I recently was in the Philippines and brought a geyser tube with me for a science demonstration at a tutoring center. I found Cola Mentos....what a great alternative to mint and the flat soda tasted better. (think about changing the flavor!) The challenge I had is they don't fill the bottles as full as in the US. I had to add to the bottles to get a better eruption. Lots of fun! (Posted on 7/3/12)

LOVE THESE THINGS!! Review by Amie - Boise, ID

I just used a 10 pack of geysers as the grand finale for a Cub Scout summertime event - I am now a hero! I seriously cannot believe how high they shot in the air! Must've been 30 feet at least - all 10 of them! I expected the boys to run when they went off but instead they loved getting soaked! LOL! You get a standing ovation from me for this one.... we will be using these again and again and again.... (Posted on 5/29/12)

Geyser Fun Review by Joan Schoppe

My grandson and I had so much fun with this experiment. He has done it over and over again. (Posted on 4/21/12)

Not sure Review by Jill Elliott

Several mentos keep getting stuck in the geyser tube which affects the explosion. Did this twice so far with the same result. We're a bit disappointed. (Posted on 4/1/12)

Works well Review by Aaron Howard

I have tried various methods for sliding a sleeve of Mentos into a soda bottle, this is well designed and works well. (Posted on 3/23/12)

Mentos-Diet Coke Review by Dr. Mike Condren

I have been doing the Mentos Diet Coke demo for a number of years. I bought one of your Geyser Tubes a couple of years ago. I had not tried it until recently. After seeing the result with neighbors, wife, and grandson, I ordered 3 more. I had always used a full pack of Mentos into a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke. They varied in height depending on temperature outside. Never were they as high as with your tube, especially with the nossle. (Posted on 1/26/12)

Great way to end the school year Review by Mrs. J.

We did Mentos geysers and then enjoyed root beer floats for our final activity on the last day of school. The kids loved it! (Posted on 12/24/11)

Big Hit Review by Monica Shadid

We used this as the finale of my son's 9th birthday science bash and the boys thoroughly loved. One note of caution, if you pull too hard on the string the bottle of soda will tip over and the geyser will shoot at your feet. Lots of fun!! (Posted on 11/24/11)

The new product not as good as the old tube. Review by B Czyryca

I bought one a few years ago and it works great. We needed another so I thought I'd try the one with the different shaped top. This one doesn't work as well and it doesn't fit the bottle well. So it sprays sideways and leaks. The pin is also too tight. So I would suggest to everyone to buy the $4.99 tube & hopefully it'll work right. When it does the fountain really shoots 20 feet into the air. (Posted on 11/5/11)

Geyser Tube Review by Kris

Loved the Geyser Tube. Purchased several for a group to use and they were easy to use, easy to clean up and the kids had a blast. The tubes are well worth the cost and can be used over and over again. Thanks for making this so much fun! (Posted on 10/22/11)

Soda Geyser Review by Marcia Caryofilles

The Soda Geyser was awesome!!!! My 7 year old and I tested 9 different kinds of soda to find out if it mattered what kind of soda worked best and made the higest geyser! (Posted on 10/13/11)

fun product Review by Julie

I gave my nephew a Mad Science birthday party (8-9 yr old boys). We used these for our finale experiment. We learned quickly to not put the pin in all the way, because when they pulled them the bottle fell over. But the next 3 go rounds were great. The boys (and parents) loved this. (Posted on 9/29/11)

Geyers Tubes did not work at all for us. Review by Julie Lindley

I purchased six of these for a class experiment. All of the tubes malfunctioned. The coke sprayed through the hole where the string is pulled and not out the top. They were a real disapointmented.
We had much better luck using a testtube turned upside down with a card between the tube and the bottle. Easy and it worked everytime. (Posted on 8/29/11)

Loved it! Review by Christy Porterfield

Done this experiment before with playing cards, paper, packing tape, etc. However, this is a cool gadget that is consistent every time. And, gives you time to run farther :) because of the string. Well worth the money, also because it is human proof (hung paper, tape, card slippage, etc) and is better for the carbon footprint (reusable, no throw away parts like cards, tape, paper, etc). (Posted on 7/12/11)

Awesome Review by Michelle

My kids love the experiment and want to do it again and again! (Posted on 6/8/11)

Mentos Geyser Review by Stacy Smith

The geyser tube works great! All of my students loved it!! (Posted on 5/28/11)

Geyser Tube- not as good as a sheet of paper. Review by Mary

I was unimpressed with the geyser tube's performance.

I have much better success with a simple sheet of paper rolled into a tube, with an index card to pull away and set off the mentos/diet coke reaction.

The geyser tube did not have a secure fit on the bottle, and the hole for the release pin caused the reaction to spray out in an irregular, less impressive way than a unrestricted reaction (with me using the paper and card, and then running away with both in hand.)

I will be going back to using my paper method. (Posted on 4/29/11)

wow Review by jackiewright

amazing science
the geyser tube flys so high. but the kids want to indulge in the salty minty warm soda afterwards. this is a very cool toy. ordered some for friends for birthdays
(Posted on 3/12/11)

Geyser Tube Review by Sherry Johnson

I bought this to use with my Extended Resource Room kids and science. The kids had a blast. I tried to catch it on video but missed it. The kids loved it so much we are going to do it again. (Posted on 2/3/11)

I love this thing Review by Zarah

I love this toy! There is nothing simpler or more joyous than the meeting of candy with soda. You can make it into an experiment by changing how many Mentos, soda brand or temperature, etc. but watching sugar shoot 30 feet in the air is enough for me. I just wish it came with a 2 L... oh well... at least it's dishwasher safe! (Posted on 1/13/11)

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  • Will I get wet?
    There is a possibility but the geyser tube device is designed to minimize the likelihood of getting wet, especially with the 3-foot long string.
  • Is it reusable? 
    Yes, all you need to do the experiment again is another pack of Mentos and a new bottle of Diet Coke.
  • How high does it shoot? 
    It all depends on the bottle of Diet Coke; a new bottle works better than one that has been sitting around for a while.  On average though, it shoots to a little over 20 feet.
  • What type of soda works best?
    We have experimented with all types of soda and the soda that gave us the best results was Diet Coke due to having the most carbonation.  However, any soda or carbonated beverage will work.
  • Does it hold the entire roll?
    No, the maximum that the tube holds is 11.  The roll is 14 so you can snack on the other three!!  We found that 7-10 Mentos produces the highest Geyser.

Warning - Choking Hazard