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Fun Fly Stick - Static Generator

NEW Battery powered static electricity generator that makes objects fly!


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Fun Flyers Refill - 2 Packs of 10

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Fun Fly Stick

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Fun Fly Stick - Static Generator

From a land far, far away comes wands so magical, so spectacular, they're illegal in 15 fairytale lands and Hogwarts. Filled with pixie dust from the fairies of Never-Never Land and magic from Gandalf's staff, these magical Fun Fly Sticks contain enough enchantment and wizardry to put the Wizards of Waverly Place to shame. You can tell just how much sorcery is in these wands by how they are able to make things levitate. What?!? We're not messing around, the amazing Fun Fly Stick can really make objects float in midair!

The Fun Fly Stick is an ingenious battery operated static electricity generator that allows you to float tinsel shapes on a cloud of electrons. Press the button on the Fun Fly Stick for a few seconds to generate a static charge. Drop the tinsel shape onto the stick to quickly transfer the negative charge to the tinsel. Since like charges repel each other, the negatively charged tinsel shape floats above the negatively charged stick. The learning curve is about two minutes and you're ready to amaze everyone with the Fun Fly Stick. Recommended for children ages 5 and up.

Need more tinsel shapes to float and fly? Refills now available!

What's Included?
Fun Fly Stick
  • One Fun Fly Stick Wand
  • 10 mylar “flying” toys
    • Two large spheres
    • Three medium spheres
    • One butterfly
    • Two hourglasses
    • One medium ring
    • One large ring
  • Activity Guide
    **2 AA-batteries not included**
Deluxe Refill Pack (20 pieces)
  • Four large spheres
  • Six medium spheres
  • Two butterflies
  • Four hourglasses
  • Two medium rings
  • Two large rings
How Does It Work?

Press the button on the Fun Fly Stick for a few seconds to generate a negative static charge. Drop the tinsel shape onto the stick to quickly transfer the negative charge to the tinsel. Since like charges repel each other, the negatively charged tinsel shape floats above the negatively charged stick. If you want to impress someone with your newly acquired knowledge, just tell them that the Fun Fly Stick is a demonstration of "electrostatic propulsion and the repulsion of like charges." Okay, if you really want to impress someone, just make the shapes float!

What Does It Teach?

The Fun Fly Stick is a wand that includes a small Van de Graaff generator that creates a static-electric charge by separating electrons and protons. All you have to do is a press a button and you've created enough static electricity to levitate items! It's the perfect way for young scientists to experience the power of electric charges, attraction, and repulsion.

Customer Reviews

awesome tool Review by Kartik

I love this tool! After all, who wouldn't? It is the most fun learning tool I've ever seen! (Posted on 6/18/15)

You've got the power~ Review by Eve

The Fun Fly Stick is super fun! We have been floating our tinsel creation all over the house and moving the water in the bathroom sink. My son (age 11) had so much fun we shared the pictures on his teacher's website. It makes science projects at home such an awesome experience! (Posted on 4/29/13)

You can play for hours and not be bored Review by Claudia Garcia del Puerto

Very good. It kept my kids busy and experimenting with it. I recommend ti. (Posted on 3/16/13)

Awesomeness Review by Rachael Shaw

I really just did not believe this would work as shown, especially with the clause that humidity may be a factor and here in FL is ever present... but it continues to work perfectly and NEVER fails to awe any person of any age that bears witness to it's amazing effects. I am so pleased I am ordering the extra accessories to go with it. It does not eat batteries either. I have had the same set for the 3 years I have owned it and it still runs on them. Hands down my favorite Steve Spangler purchase yet! (Posted on 2/8/13)

need periodic cleaning Review by Charles

My stick would not work after 2 days of playing.
I followed the cleaning instructions on
its manufacturer website and fixed it.
I hope this website could sell the thin Mylar films in bulk
so my kids can design and make their own flying objects.
To understand how it works, see US patent
US20090209171. My kid and I can also use the stick to charge
a small bubble made with the Extreme Bubble Solution
and fly it by placing a glove on the stick and charge
the bubble. Overall, this is a good value tool to experiment with static electricity.
(Posted on 1/16/13)

great idea but... Review by jlee

this experiment was a big hit during practice and everyone was having fun w/ it but come time of party (7th bday Mad Science) it lasted about all of 15 min. my daughter's friends (all girls) descended on it and shreds of mylar and a lightly buzzing stick was all that remained. it was a hit while it did last but i think it didn't have much of a chance. too bad because my son would've loved to play w/ it at home (if it made it.) oh well. (Posted on 12/27/12)

It broke Review by Emily Hubbbard

Well I got it for Christmas and I was so excited at first. Then once I got it home to my mom's home I got it out to show my mom and it stopped working. It was still making a noise but it didn't do anything it was like it stopped making electrons but it was still doing something. The sphere wasn't expanding like it should or anything. Also the shapes got all tangled up. ** Emily, our customer service team will be contacting you to replace your broken Fun Fly Stick at no charge. Sorry you had a problem. ** - Steve Spangler Science Web Team (Posted on 12/7/12)

Very cool toy for all ages Review by lori weitz

Gave these to my 10 and 14 year old sons for Hanukkah and they haven't stopped playing with them. Very ingenious, non-stop fun. Worth the price. Wish I could afford to get them for my 5 nephews and niece. (Posted on 11/19/12)

Really Great Science Toy! Review by Wendy

I love this "minature" Van de Graff! Keeping the tinsel afloat is lots of fun... try it with more than one Fun Fly Stick and you get a cool juggling trick! (Posted on 10/29/12)

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