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Mom Creates Mad Scientist Birthday Party Celebration

Steve Spangler Science Glowing Atomic Insta-Worms Instant Worms Mad Scientist Birthday PartySelf-proclaimed Mad Scientist Lab Coordinator and all around amazing mom Cara went above and beyond in planning her son Thomas’s 6-year-old birthday party this year.

Cara created a “secret lab” at her church. All attendees were given safety goggles & disposable lab coats (purchased from a medical supply store).

Thirty children, ages ranging from 4-7 years old, performed three experiments. They began their journey through the mad scientist lab by making Atomic Insta-Worms. Each scientist was given a Baby Soda Bottle to keep their worms and transport them home. After making the worms, they were led into a small room that was set up with several black lights to watch their worms glow.

The second experiment was making Shaker Slime. This gave each child a container to bring slime home. The shakers also put the children into the experiment, as they were the ones shaking and making the specimen.

The third experiment was launching water-pressure rockets outside.

The grande finale was Diet Coke and Mentos erruptions. Cara explains, “Man that got a huge reaction as they shot approx 20 feet in the air.  I was super happy I chose a place FAR away from the building.  We only did two explosions, but I could have done them all day long.”

The party wrapped up with cupcakes placed into the shape of a beaker. Cara also filled test tubes and beakers with bright colorful candy and placed them on the table. Each child also received a certificate that said “Professor XXXX is a Fantastic Funologist at THOMAS LAB.”