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6 in 1 Solar Kit – 12 Days of Wonder

By Blog Editor Susan Wells

Starting today and continuing into December, we will celebrate 12 Days of Wonder highlighting our top 12 science toys and kits that are perfect to put under the tree. As blog editor, social media coordinator and mom of two budding scientists, I will share my review of each product. Steve Spangler Science also found 12 respected, popular mom bloggers to each test and review one of our 12 science gifts. I will include a link to their blogs and their honest reviews of each gift idea. Today Kristin Fitch of Ziggity Zoom shares her review. We will also feature a Deal of the Day savings. So check our blog every day for the next few weeks to see our featured 12 Days of Wonder.

We begin our 12 Days of Wonder with the 6 in 1 Solar Kit.

Today only, this kit is our DEAL of the Day for $15.99. Regular price is $19.99.


My Review: 

My 10-year-old daughter was very excited to crack this open. We have played with some of the smaller solar robots like the grasshopper and frog and have loved them. This kit takes the simpler solar robots up a few notches. The 6 in 1 means there are parts and directions to build six different robots that run off of solar power. You can build the robots one at a time. We began with the car.

The kit requires snapping out pieces and building everything, including the motor and solar panel. It also contains wires that run from the motor to the panel. My daughter needed a little help getting started with the motor and getting the wires connected. They can be a little challenging to get them connected and keep them connected.

The car didn’t work right away and we needed to adjust the wires and the panel until the solar energy was hitting the panel correctly. It was off to the races. The car drove around our living room, but stopped dead the minute it went into the shade. The solar panel on the car adjusts to get the right amount of sun.

Next, she built the balanced airplane all by herself. She was so excited and proud. The airplane requires coins on the opposite side of an arm to balance the airplane. We got it to work and took it outside for the best sunlight.

The kit has six robots to build, but also includes endless fun. You can build a dog, a windmill and two boats. You can take them apart and build them again. This isn’t something that will be played with for an hour after opening and then put away.

The kit is recommended for kids ages 10 and up. I agree with this unless you have a mechanical kid who likes to build things with an adult helper.

One more note – the robots in this kit are not huge. They are small and can fit in the palm of your hand. They are sturdy and built well.


Blogger Review: 

Read the Review from Kristin Fitch of Ziggity Zoom >

Many thanks to Kristin and Ziggity Zoom for testing our 6 in 1 Solar Kit. Visit Ziggity Zoom for family-kid friendly activities and printables. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget to check out their new app, Feed the Monster.

12 Days of Wonder – 12 Days of Deep Savings & Cool Toys

By Blog Editor Susan Wells

If you are like me, your inbox is packed full of deals and offers to entice and kick off the holiday online shopping season. I’m a little overwhelmed and I actually shopped over the weekend to almost complete my list.

If you are overwhelmed with all of the emails and offers, I have an easy solution to finish your online shopping this season. Steve Spangler Science offers a variety of science toys, science kits and cool science stuff for all of the little kids and big kids in your life.

The holidays are just getting warmed up in our offices. On Wednesday, November 30th we kicked off the 12 Days of Wonder. The elves in our workshop picked the top 12 products for this holiday season. Budding young scientists have these science kits and toys at the top of their wish lists. Each day we will highlight one of these top science toys on our blog with a review written by me and my children and a review from a top blogger. We may also offer some as our Deal of the Day but we aren’t promising anything. You must check back every day to see what we are featuring and if there is a deal attached to it.

We will link each top toy from this post so you can bookmark it if you’d like. You can also track the 12 Days of Wonder through our RSS feed, Deal of the Day email, @SpanglerScience Twitter or Facebook pages.

12 Days of Wonder: