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Slime Kit - Green PVA Solution

Polyvinyl alcohol solution that's perfect for making slime


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32oz Green Slime Kit

Item #: WSLM-800

128oz Green Slime Party Pack

Item #: WSLM-850


Usually ships the next day.

Recommended for age 6 to 9 with adult supervision.

Availability: In stock

Slime Kit - Green PVA Solution

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It never ceases to blow our mind when we combine two liquids called Slime Goo and Cross-Linker Solution. Despite what common knowledge tells us, mixing the two liquids doesn't make another liquid… it makes a non-Newtonian solid known simply as Slime. Our interest and infatuation with the gooey, oozing Slime has driven us to perfect the recipe. Luckily, we've decided to share the perfect Slime recipe with you. You won't want to put the green sludge down!

BEST SLIME ON THE MARKET! This crazy activity has become a staple at teacher conventions, a must for before and after school programs and the hands-down favorite at Halloween. Make high quality slime with our PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) and cross-linker solutions. Our popular PVA solution contains specially formulated stabilizers to increase the shelf life and keep the slime free of unwanted growing things. Recommended for children ages 6 and up.

What's Included?

Green Slime Kit includes:

  • 1-Liter (32 oz) of PVA solution
  • 1/2-Liter of cross-linker solution
  • Slime instruction guide guaranteed to help you mix up a perfect batch of slime every time!
  • Makes 15, 2 ounce portions of slime ... with a little bit left over!

Green Slime Party Pack includes:

  • 1 Gallon (128 oz) of PVA solution
  • 1-Liter (32 oz) bottles of cross-linker solution
  • Two heavy-duty hand pumps, one for each slime ingredient, that make the perfect ratio
  • Slime instruction guide guaranteed to help you mix up a perfect batch of slime every time!
  • Makes 60, 2 ounce portions of slime ... with a little bit left over!
How Does It Work?

Our slime recipe is based on the classic polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) formula with sodium tetraborate as the cross-linking agent. Doesn't that sound impressive? Just rattle that off at the next cocktail party and you'll be the talk of the evening. What makes our slime formulation unlike anything else on the market is the addition of our stabilizing agents that help to reduce the growth of bacteria while preserving the stretchy, stringy, gooey properties of slime that everyone loves. Turn this ever popular science activity into a real learning experience that is filled with real fun.

What Does It Teach?

Slime is a great hands-on lesson in non-Newtonian solids and liquids and the physics of them. In addition, students will gain valuable knowledge about polymers and their formation.

Customer Reviews

Leprechaun Slime Review by Kelli Higgins

60 fourth graders rotated into my classroom to make Magical Leprechaun Slime! They added a spoonful of crystal glitter to make it look just right! This gallon size pump jug was just what I needed to quickly facilitate this activity. Kids of all ages love slime!!! In fact, I played with it just as long as the kids did! (Posted on 5/10/13)

Fun Slime! Review by Melissa Harry

We purchased this slime for our son's 5th birthday party. The kids had such a good time mixing up the slime mixtures to make their own gooey slime. They made the slime in cups that came with lids so that they could take it home with them. Days of fun, I'm sure. (Posted on 4/2/13)

Solids, liquids, gases! Oh, my! Review by Ellen Peterson

By the time my students have reached 6th grade science, they've heard everything there is about the way atoms behave in a solid, or a liquid, or a gas but it is still part of my curriculum (and oddly enough, they still don't quite "get it"). Best lesson EVER for this: give them something that doesn't behave like just a solid or just a liquid! We make quantitative and qualitative observations with our slime. We try to classify it as a solid or a liquid. Most importantly, we play with the recipe to see how to make the "best" slime (stretchiest, slimiest, etc.)

Although I've purchased PVA elsewhere and even used my own school glue recipe, this is the BEST slime I've found. My kids think so too! (Posted on 2/18/13)

Best Slime Ever! Review by Judy

This slime is the hit in all our afterschool programs with students of all ages! Even the adults accompanying the kids ask to make some. We have tried at least ten different "recipes" for slime and found this to be the very best. Thanks! (Posted on 2/3/13)

Party favorite! Review by Natalie Brown

This was one of 4 experiments I had planned for the kids at my son's 5th birthday party.
The kids were enthralled with the slime and it totally captivated their attention.
I also let them all take a batch home with them which they loved!
What 5 year old doesn't LOVE getting their hands dirty? (Posted on 1/2/13)

The hit of the party! Review by alyssa

purchased 2 kits for my childs halloween party. I devided up cups and helped each child make their own slime to take home. I have already refered several parents to this website because of the slime. It is easy to make, the fact that it was transparent (unlike the glue slime)was what all the kiddos kept talking about.

I would love to know how to make it "runny" it does end up like soft jello. A+ Steve!
thanks-AZ momma
* oh, fast safe shipping too! (Posted on 12/10/12)

AWESOME Review by kelly

This is the best slime I have ever played with. Reacts quickly, it's not sticky, you can play with it right away, it's an awesome color, and it lasts for ever! A+++ product! (Posted on 10/16/12)

Totally Awesome! Review by Debi

We got this for our sons 12th Birthday/Halloween party as a "fright box" oddity. The kids LOVED it and each of them insisted on taking some of it home.
Super easy to make! And the slime lasts quite a long time. (Posted on 8/23/12)

Easy and Fast Review by Liz B

My early childhood students love to make this stuff. What else can I say? Its green, its fast, its simply, its slimey! (Posted on 7/2/12)

slime Review by penny vandiver

kindergarteners thru 4th graders loved maknig this slime at their halloween parties!!!what a blast & it was easy, too! (Posted on 6/14/12)

This was the hit of the party! Review by JL

I got this for my child's birthday party and all the kids loved making the slime and playing with it. They pretended to make slime popsicles, pasta, necklaces with their slime. We also got the shaker cups and lids to ensure that the kids can easily mix their slime and bring their slime home. (Posted on 4/16/12)

Green Slime Review by Pascale Shafer

The 2nd graders loved making the green slime shakers, however I forgot to order the glow in the dark additive. We will definately be ordering more kits in the near future. Thank you for making science fun (Posted on 4/4/12)

Green Slime Kit Review by Danae

Slime is a fun and exciting product for all ages. You can mix it together and watch it stretch, when you pull hard it will break but if you pull slowly you can watch it stretch. The slime is a polymer that is linked together with long chains of molecules. This slime is non toxic and will not stain anything. With this kit you can make about 30 1 ounce portions of slime or 15 2 ounce portions of slime. (Posted on 2/25/12)

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  • Is it toxic?
    Nope. However, simply because it is non-toxic doesn’t mean that it makes a good snack. Simply ask our product developer Brian, he’s still alive and kickin’.
  • Does it stain?
    No, you should be good.
  • How long will it last?
    After it is made, it will start to dry out unless it is in a zipper-lock bag or some other airtight container. It also depends on how well it is treated. Make sure that you wash your hands before playing with it. The un-mixed solution has a shelf life of about a year.