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More Test Tube Experiments

More Classic Spangler Experiments in a Test Tube!


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Jelly Marbles Test Tube

Item #: WSAS-100

Spikes Test Tube

Item #: WSPB-100

Orbs Test Tube

Item #: WORB-100

Water Gel Test Tube

Item #: WSPA-100

Water Cubes Test Tube

Item #: WBCB-100

Insta-Snow Test Tube

Item #: WSNO-100


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Recommended for age 4 and up with adult supervision.

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Test Tube Experiments

Now even more test tube experiments to love and bring home! Our super-sturdy Baby Soda Bottle Test Tubes are home to four of our favorite polymers.

  • Spikes Test Tube - Get 10 of our new Polymer Spikes... watch them start as tiny polymers and grow into giant spikes!
  • Orbs Test Tube - Our newest polymer sensation! The colorful Orbs will grow and grow, but they never lose their color!
  • Water Gel Test Tube - A Spangler Science Classic! Our Water Gel superabsorbent polymer will shock and amaze your audience as it turns liquid into a solid.
  • Jelly Marbles Test Tube - One of our most popular products now in a Baby Soda Bottle! These tiny spheres will grow into giant marbles just by sitting in water.
  • Water Cubes Test Tube - Our popular Water Cube polymer is a handy pocket-size!  Make the connection between math and science with a unique look at these geometric shapes.
  • Insta-Snow Tube -You actually use the test tube to measure just the right amount of water. Makes approximately 470 mL (2 cups) of Insta-Snow.

Collect all of our polymer test tubes in one great kit... and save over $6 Check out our Just Add Water Test Tubes in a Rack!


What's Included?
  • Spikes Test Tube - Includes 10 polymer Spikes
  • Orbs Test Tube - Includes 15 grams of Orbs polymer in assorted color mixture
  • Water Gel Test Tube - Includes 9 grams of Water Gel powder
  • Jelly Marbles Test Tube - Includes 10 grams of Jelly Marbles polymer
  • Water Cube Test Tube - Includes 10 grams of Water Cube Polymer
  • Insta-Snow Test Tube - Includes 7 grams of Insta-Snow Powder
What Does It Teach?

Our super-sturdy test tubes are great for little hands and each test tube opens the door to a whole new learning adventure! Explore and introduce molecules and basic chemistry with all of our favorite polymers.

Customer Reviews

Lots of fun! Review by Jen

My daughter loves the jelly marble experiment. Great for party favors or something to do while it raining out. (Posted on 5/7/13)

These are so fun! Review by Michelle

The test tube size package of these may look small, but it was just what we needed!

We had a lot of fun with these things at my daughter's party. I put them in cups of water and told the kids to reach in. They were shocked to find something solid inside! They couldn't see anything. We also used them to magnify small writing and to look at the world upside down.

At the end, when the balls started to crack, I let the kids squish them up and bury in a flower pot. ... fun, fun, fun! (Posted on 4/29/13)

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