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Film Canisters

Graduated film canisters for all your experiments!


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Film Canisters 10-pack

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Recommended for age 6 and up with adult supervision.

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Film Canisters

Last time we check, rocket fuel is still a no-go in the classroom, and that's why Flying Film Canisters are so cool! A simple mixture of our Flat Fizzers and water results in an explosive, rocketing film canister that would make NASA jealous. These plastic, super-sturdy canisters are the best we've ever seen, specially made for Steve Spangler Science to ensure the biggest, best pop every time.

Each Flying Film Canister features graduations on the side, marking 1/4. 1/2. and 3/4 to aid in "rocket fuel" experimentation. How much water does it take to create the biggest launch? How much of a Flat Fizzer do you need? You'll have to test mixtures to be sure! Don't settle for regular film canisters that don't give you the pop you need. Get your hands on our Flying Film Canisters and blast off!

What's Included?
Choose your quantity for individual or classroom launches!
  • Flying Film Canisters 10-pack with lids
  • Flying FIlm Canisters 30-pack with lids
What Does It Teach?

When you have gas building-up in an enclosed space, what happens? Wait... don't answer that. More specifically, what happens when CO2 builds up in a closed film canister? Simple – an explosion so fun you won't want the popping to stop. The key to the fun is our Flat Fizzers. These tablets are made of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid. These non-toxic components dissolve and mix in water, creating carbon dioxide. The gas is too much to contain in the closed canister and it builds until:

3… 2… 1… You know the rest.

Customer Reviews

SO FUN! Review by Nicki

Bought these for a science camp and they were a huge hit! The kids loved doing them over and over. Once they took them home kids were immediately asking their parents to go buy Alka Seltzer! (Posted on 6/29/15)

Instant hit at birthday party Review by Carla

Purchased these and the tubes for my son's 9th birthday party and they were a hit with the kids and adults. We gave each child a film canister and tube to take home, with some extra alka seltzer.

We didn't do any type of science experiments with them but the boys naturally gravitated towards wanting to try different levels of water and different size broken up tablets. (Posted on 4/24/13)

launched 250 at one time! Review by Marlene Thomas

I do science every Wed afternoon with my K-5th graders. Throughout the year we have made the rockets and experimented with different "popping solutions". For the end of the year, I was challenged to launch 250 simulatanously with alka-seltzer and water. It took over an hour to set up the 250 canisters for a minute and a half of "popping". Worth every minute of set up time! Seven popped before launch, 243 went off perfectly! You and your products continue to make me look amazing! Next year...500? (Posted on 4/14/13)

DIGITAL WORLD Review by Meghan

It is so nice to have these available, since clear film canisters are becoming so hard to find. Every time I do the poppin' rockets activity with students, I inevitably lose one or two canisters or caps and now I don't have to worry! (Posted on 4/6/13)

Not all pop Review by SuperFun Science lady

Used these film canisters for alka-seltzer rockets and was disappointed that about 20% had leaky lids, and didn't "pop". I've bought these in the past and they all worked great. And, the little plastic wrappers around each are annoying and unnecessary.

SuperFun Science Lady-
It is definitely not up to our standards to have 20% of our Film Canisters be faulty. We completely understand your frustration and will have a customer service representative contact you immediately to rectify this issue.
-Steve Spangler Science Web Team

(Posted on 3/15/13)

What a blast! Review by Peter Leaming

The kids loved it! We did the Alka-Seltzer rockets and they were thrilled. I had a K-2 group after school, their favorite was the simultaneous launches of 12 "rockets". It sounded like a symphony...pop-pop-pop! (Posted on 2/14/13)

Great Cub Scout lesson Review by Jody

The Cub Scouts had a blast with the film cannisters. The did an entire experiment with development of hypothesis, observations and results and discussions. Definitely, a lesson they will not forget. (Posted on 1/24/13)

Just what I was looking for! Review by Ann

Film canisters are becoming increasingly difficult to find! I bought a lot of these to have on hand not only for this experiment but also for a myriad of other experiments and models that call for film canisters. The tops fit well, the product is a very consisitant and I like the fact that these have never had exposure to film chemicals. I would love to see a book of film canister experiments similar to the one Steve Spangler carries for his super strong magnets. (Posted on 12/3/12)

WHITE canisters Review by Bonnie Kelly

From watching the video on the website I was under the impression these were green. I'm sure if I would have read the description closely I would have been corrected, but I was bummed! They work awesome (even being boring white) (Posted on 11/4/12)

canister happy Review by M Green

The kids loved the film canister poppers. They were one of the highlights of the party. There was not one single complaint about them. We popped the same canisters several times and only after several times did we have 2 that would not pop. I expected that we would wear the tops out, so I made sure we bought plenty for the party. Awesome concept and the kids say, "Let's do it again another day" (Posted on 10/9/12)

Film Canisters Review by Dawn

I was a little disappointed when I received these canisters because the website indicated that they were going to be green and they are not. Also, not every canister works with the alka seltzer. Not sure if it they are leaking air. (Posted on 8/28/12)

Excellent product, unnecessary packaging. Review by Greg

These things were great!

BUT- I bought 3x 30 Packs (90 canisters total), and found out that each of the 90 film canisters were individually packed in plastic- which is a big waste.

I'm giving these guys 3 stars- it would've been a solid 4 if not for the packaging. (Posted on 7/12/12)

Blast off! Review by Karen Engates

Excellent canisters, especially with measurements on the side. The caps are slightly a challenge to get off the first time since they are new, but the seal for blasting Alkaseltzer rockets gives it a great edge for height. Buy a bunch! (Posted on 5/18/12)

Film canisters Review by Stacey from Arkansas

Love this product! They work great and the measurements on the side are a nice bonus! (Posted on 4/19/12)


I gave my nephew a Mad Science 9th birthday party. I ordered these film cannisters after watching the video. The kids and parents LOVED this experiment. Each boy got 2 cannisters. When the first rocket when off, the excitement in the room tripled!! These were fun and exciting. Just follow the suggestions on the video and you will have a BLAST! (Posted on 4/9/12)

Great set! Review by Amanda

Great value! Class set of 30 includes everyone! (Posted on 2/24/12)

Film Canisters Review by todd

Those little things really take off! Thanks! (Posted on 1/18/12)

Film Canisters Review by Barbara

These were so much fun to use. The kids had a blast experimenting with them. (Posted on 1/10/12)

Awsomee!! Review by Vianney

OMG! This Was A Biggo Help I'm going to use it for my science fair projectt!! Thankzz Steve You Really Helped Out. My Friend Brianda Said Hi!! :D (Posted on 11/16/11)

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