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Diggin' Dirty Science

Get ready to get dirty!


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Item #: WDDS-500

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Recommended for age 4 and up with adult supervision.

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Diggin Dirty Science

Get ready to get dirty with our Diggin’ Dirty Science kit! Learn all about the science of seeds and have fun getting your hands in the dirt. Learn all about the secrets that make seeds grow and the conservation power of Water Jelly Crystals. The included "kid-friendly" instruction cards will help young learners grasp key concepts, while adults follow along in the comprehensive activity guide. We’ll even provide all the seeds and dirt you need for your exploration into the world of plants. Aspiring Botanists, and even young gardeners, will get excited about science with this hands-on kit! Recommended for children ages 4 and up.

What's Included?
  • 7 Kid instruction cards
  • 1 Activity guide
  • 5 Pea seeds
  • 5 Sunflower seeds
  • 5 Sweet corn seeds
  • 4 Baby Soda Bottles
  • 2 Zipper-lock bags
  • 2 Pipettes
  • 1 Dirt pellet
  • 1 40 gram bag of Water Jelly Crystals
  • Baby Soda Bottle Rack
  • 1 9 oz. plastic cup
What Does It Teach?

Kids will learn all about the secrets of seeds including how to best care for their plants. The enclosed activity guide will help instructors point out key elements for growing plants, including how to care for and nurture their growing seeds.

Science Fair Connection:

Planting and growing plants isn't a science fair project, but if you add in a variable, you can definitely turn the activity into a project. If you isolate a component of the experiment and change it, you've found a variable. When you change a variable you might see drastic changes‚ but then again you might not. That's why they call it experimenting! Here are some examples of variables that you can change to turn Diggin' Dirty Science into an awesome science fair project:

  • Try different ratios of Water Jelly Crystals to soil and measure which is the best for growing.
  • Test what watering schedule works best.
  • Find out what temperature is best for growing your plant.

Those are just a few examples of the variables that you can use. Remember that you must keep all other factors the same. If you're testing different watering schedules, you need to use the same type of plant seed, growing temperature, and Water Jelly Crystal to soil ratio.

Customer Reviews

Dirt not Dirty Review by Shelby

I purely wanted to see if i could grow plants just on the water crystals. I was looking at the best price to do it at and this was the best price I was shocked it came with so many cristals. I believe I have enough to do my whole indoor garden this year. If this works good I can water once a day and it won't dry out as fast. I really like it a lot I wished it came with a few more test tubes so I bought some single experiments also. I really like all of the science toys I got. (Posted on 5/22/13)

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