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Deal Of The Day

Rainbow Peepholes

The special lenses separate light into the colors of the rainbow.

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Rainbow Peepholes

These colorful, paper-framed circles are carefully crafted to reveal hidden fun in the world around you. What type of fun? We're glad you asked! Rainbow Peepholes allow you to see secret rainbows that you normally can't see. The special lenses in the middle of the peepholes are designed to refract light creating hundreds of rainbows as you gaze through it.

Just like our Rainbow Glasses (WRBG-150), but more durable. Rainbow peepholes are great for younger kids, or students who are a little tough on classroom materials and are perfect for looking at holiday lights or fireworks! And who wants to enhoy the happiness and joy of rainbows by themselves? No one! That's why we include 30 colorful peepholes for you and an entire group of friends to go rainbow hunting together.

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