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Axle Annie Instant Snow Kit

Great for connecting science and children's literature!


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Item #: WAXL-600

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Recommended for age 4 and up with adult supervision.

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Discover how the world's best school bus driver makes it up slippery Tiger Hill, no matter how much snow falls! In Axle Annie, writer Robin Pulver creates a character that is both courageous, helpful and down right persistent. Nothing can stop her from delivering the kids of Burskyville to school, not even the lazy, complaining Shifty Rhodes. When Shifty comes up with a plan to stop Annie from doing her job, the people she's helped along the way rush to her aide.

Included in this fun science kit are the book Axle Annie and enough Insta-Snow Powder to create your own snow covered Tiger Hill! Great for combining literature and science for class demonstrations or science fair project. Recommended for children ages 4 and up.

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What's Included?
  • Axle Annie book
  • 100 grams Insta-Snow powder
  • Activity guide
What Does It Teach?

Learn how the author of Axle Annie uses Insta-Snow in her presentations to children.

This is a great book for connecting science and children's literature. Axle Annie shows kids that a positive attitude and the willingness to be helpful will always get them through, no matter how great the challenge! The snow machine from the story comes to life with the help of Insta-Snow. Use the activity to discuss snow making machines and how artificial snow is used in recreation parks and on movie sets in place of real snow.

Customer Reviews

What fun for preschoolers! Review by Jessica Czajkowski

We rarely have snow in our area, so this was great exposure for my preschooler. Although it is not the same, it really helped him understand the concept of snow by having the opportunity to play with it! I highly recommend this product for any preschooler to experience! (Posted on 4/21/13)

One of those "read it again!" books Review by Ellen Peterson

I've played with Insta-snow for years and it is an awesome time, every time! This year, I added the story as I shared the snow with some preschoolers. My favorite part is that it snowed here last year (a rarity) and they stood around the sensory table talking about the differences in the "cold, drippy stuff" and this "soft, feathery stuff"! What an excellent tool for comparisons! (Posted on 3/3/13)

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  • What is the book about?
    This book uses a friendly character to illustrate how far determination and being nice to people will get you in life. Axle Annie is a bus driver who is determined to make it up the biggest hill in their city during every snow storm. The principle calls in the morning and asks if she can and every time she gets that phone call, without hesitation she says yes. However, there is another grumpy bus driver in the city that gets frustrated because he never has a snow day. He teams up with the owner of a snow resort to try to stop Annie but their efforts fall short and with the help of everybody that she has helped along the way, Annie is able to make it up the hill and keep her perfect record.
  • Can I order the book separately?
    No, the book is only sold along with our Insta-Snow. The snow adds a hands-on aspect to the book to really involve the kids. They are a perfect match for each other.

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