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Air Burst Rockets

The highest launching air-powered rockets you've ever seen!


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Air Burst Rocket Set

Item #: WRKT-500

60 Extra Booster Launching Disks

Item #: WRKT-100

2 Extra Rockets

Item #: WRKT-200


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Recommended for age 10 and up with adult supervision.

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The Air-Burst Rockets are creating quite the buzz around the Spangler Science Office... we just can't believe our eyes every time we launch one of these rockets higher than the roof on our building.  The specially designed rocket boosters offer five levels of launching power and use only air pressure to launch... Air Burst Rockets don't require any flames, fire or batteries.  Just attach the air tubing to a bike pump, give it a few pumps and your rocket will fly up to 75-305 meters (1,000 ft) in the air.  You'll receive 2 rockets, 60 rocket booster membranes for ultimate launching power, a rocket launcher with stand and operating instructions with technical descriptions of why Air Burst Rockets launch higher than any air-powered rocket you've ever seen.  Bike pump required but NOT INCLUDED.  Recommended for children ages 10 and up.

Need more boosters or rockets? No problem, check out our refill packs.

What's Included?
  • 1 Air Burst Rocket Launcher
  • 2 Air Burst Rockets
  • 60 Air Burst Membrane Boosters
  • Instruction Guide

Rocket Booster Refill Kit includes -

  • 60 Air Burst Membrane Boosters

Air Burst Rocket Refill Kit includes - 

  • 2 Air Burst Rockets
What Does It Teach?

Teach a lesson in air pressure that your students won't soon forget! These Air Burst rockets build up a lot of pressure and then... boom! The rockets soar up to 305 meters in the air.

Customer Reviews

Disappointed Review by H Flanigan

The rockets launch fantastically high, and my science club had a really good experience until the white threads on the hose connecting to the bike pump broke off after about 10 launches. Now the product is useless, and all the extra supplies we purchased for the rocket are unusable. It's a shame to have wasted so much money. (Posted on 7/26/13)

A Blast Review by Jody M

Great product. The kids had a blast with the rocket and one had the rocket shoot higher than a 4 story tall school building! (Posted on 4/19/13)

Great Products - Costly Shipping Review by Harold

The Air Burst Rocket set was everything you said it was and more. Great gadget! But I am not satisfied with the excessive shipping costs - over 30% of the cost of the product; and, in this case it took a week to be delivered after the notice that it had been shipped. This will definitively limit my future purchases. (Posted on 3/21/13)

DON"T DO THIS AT HOME Review by Dutch Schulz

You definitely will need a LARGE OPEN space park. An unoccupied soccer field will do IF the wind is NOT blowing. We warned you: These rockets REALLY GO HIGH.

Suggestion: Wal-Mart has a killer hand pump with a built in gauge that will pump up to the rocket limit of 165 lbs. for only $20. Although the pump will go up to 200 lbs DO NOT GO THAT! Higher pressure WILL blow up the base. Mmmmmm - How do I know that?

Brand name of pump is ZEFAL Air Max 5610. (Posted on 2/4/13)

Awesome Rocket Kit Review by Shawn Reed

We purchased the rockets and kit for a CST Spring Break Boot Camp and added a STEM component at the end of the day. Rocket worked great once we replaced a broken bike pump. (Must need) Rockets shot extremely high and the kids were ridiculously excited about it. We shot over 60 rockets and the stability of the rocket was excellent. Love the thump the rockets make when they hit the ground. (Posted on 1/6/13)

Could not get to work Review by Melanie Kost

I'm giving this a 3 because I think it may have been our fault that this did not work. We were unable to get a tight connection from the air pump to the rocket launcher hose. Therefore, we could not get any rockets to launch at all. We screwed it on as tightly as we could, but could still hear air escaping. (Posted on 11/23/12)

Great Bang for the Buck! Review by Drew Brown

I have used this with my students and they loved it. Small groups then designed their own rockets with card stock and duct tape. It makes for an awesome lesson. (Posted on 10/27/12)

Amazing! Review by Jennifer

The group of 12 year olds in my neighborhood all came together to work on this project. My son and his friends easily put everything together and took turns pumping up the pressure and had a great time chasing the rockets and trying to catch them. This was a great deal of fun for all. Parents came out to hear what all the cheering was about, and before long we had a great group of people involved. When they tried level 5 (two red boosters)the pressure was strong enough that it blew our bike pump apart. A quick trip to the bike shop and a ban on #5 pressure and we were back in business. BE SURE to order exra rockets, as we lost 2 in the trees, 1 went who knows where, and a couple are on top of the house and garage. The kids are sure that it went up and never came back down! Windy days can blow the rockets quite far off track. I'm ordering more rockets now, as we seem to go through them pretty quickly, and to avoid big shipping costs it is better to order plenty of extra rockets and boosters with your original order as you can, believe me, you will use them! Taking the yellow saftey tape and attaching it to the rocket slows down the hight but makes it easier to see the falling rocket. This has been a well used item, holds up well and has been providing a summer full of fun for all the kids.

(Posted on 9/8/12)

they were wonderful Review by Julie

This rocket set was easy to assemble and exciting to use. My students used the kit to celebrate the new heights they achieved in reading this year. It was a tremendous end of the year activity. I have a few suggestions to improve this product for classroom use. A few years ago I purchased a kit from you that included 30 plastic rockets that the students could assemble by attaching stickers and fins. The launcher with this set broke after the first class used it which was not good. The newest set had a much nicer, better quality launching device but only two rockets. I think the new set should have more rockets with it and have some assembly required like the previous set. Also, I used the assembly direction sheet and safety rules with my elmo as an introductory lesson but the diagrams were poorly drawn and the print quality was fuzzy. You could produce a lesson packet with a rocket diagram to be labeled, safety rules to be restated, a summary of launching procedures to be completed or other such graphic organizers to enhance the learning experience. Such a packet could include sample experiments with graphic organizers to match. (Posted on 8/3/12)

great gift Review by Larry

The Air Burst rocket is great .. a lot of fun. Well constructed, and works very well. Will definitely keep this on my list of gift ideas for possible future needs. (Posted on 6/19/12)

You were right! Review by Shirley

My kids had the best time with those air powered rockets- they kept asking us to do it again and again! (and I didn't hit any cars...) One little girl said I was so cool. (Posted on 5/13/12)

Hours of Fun! Review by Paul

Upon our completion of our unti on Newton's Laws of Motion, I allowed my students to design their own paper rockets. We used a similar lauching system to launch our student designed rockets. The students then shot the Air Burst Rockets and we were able to compare the flights of the students rockets to the professionally designed Air Burst rockets. I ordered the refill set so we can do it all again this year. (Posted on 3/23/12)

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