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Acrylic Lens Prism Set

Durable acrylic lenses and prisms for teaching light and optics

Item #: WPSM-500

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Recommended for age 10 and up with adult supervision.

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Acrylic Lens Prism Set

These acrylic prisms and lenses are sturdy and perfect for learning about different principles of optical science. Teach students about light, refraction, color spectrums, and much more. With the different types of lenses and prisms, the possibilities for experiments and demonstrations are practically endless. The superior quality of the acrylic lenses and prisms coupled with the smart wooden storage case make this set a necessity for any unit on optical science.

What's Included?
  • Wooden storage case
  • Double convex lens
  • Double concave leans (can be used together with double convex lens)
  • Semicircular lens
  • Trapezoidal prism
  • Small right angle prism
  • Equilateral prism
  • Large right angle refraction prism
How Does It Work?

Prisms and lenses work using principles of the optical refraction of light. Each prism or lenses refracts light in a different manner and allows for different results.

What Does It Teach?

The set of 7 acrylic lenses and prisms are a great addition to units on optical science. They can assist in the learning of light, refraction, color spectrum, and much more. When light enters the acrylic of the prisms or lenses, it slows down. While the light is slowing, each of the prisms and lenses has a special angle that refracts the light in a different way. When the light exits the prism or lens it will be divided into the color of light, from red to violet. The reason all of these colors are visible after and not before is that each color is bent at a different angle when the light is refracted.

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