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Complete kits shipped direct to your home laboratory!

Complete kits shipped direct
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At Steve Spangler Science, we’re on a mission to inspire a new
generation of scientists and engineers.
A subscription to the
Steve Spangler Science Club is an easy way to teach STEM
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Steve Spangler pulled
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balance of learning and fun.

What’s included in each kit?

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Kit 1 - Amazing Scientist

Kit 1 – Amazing Scientist

Release your inner scientist as you observe color-changing liquids, mix-up bubbling potions and make your own test tube lava lamps!

Baby Soda Bottle with caps
Test Tube Rack
250 mL Beaker
Clear Safety Glasses
Rubber bands (#33 size)
True Color Fizzy Tablets –(2 packs of 12)
Vegetable Oil – 4 oz
11” x 7” 2 mL Press and Seal Bag
Instruction Cards

Kit 2 - Electricity Science Kit

Kit 2 – Electricity Science Kit

Explore the differences between the insulators and conductors. You’ll use a device that tests the way electrons flow through different things.

Energy Stick Conductor Blister Card
Two 19” Latex Balloon (when inflated)
Clear Cylinder with cap – (8” h x 1.5”w)
Colored Beads – (10 mL)
Six Clear PET Cup – (4 oz.)
Aluminum Foil Sheet
Instruction Cards

Kit 3 - Bubblology

Kit 3 – Bubblology Science Kit

Blow perfect bubbles that you can touch, bounce and obey your every command. You’ll even be able to make a square bubble!

Blue Bubble Wand
Blue Bubble Tray
Four Graduated Pipettes – (Clear –6” 15 cm)
Square Bubble Set
Two Black Bubble Gloves
Bubble Solution – (4 oz.)
Clear PET bottle with snap cap – (4 oz.)
Two Clear PET bottle – (2.5 oz.)
Bubble Concentrate (Dish Soap – 4 oz)
Clear PET bottle with snap cap (4 oz)
Blue Scoop
Instruction Cards

Kit 4 - Water Science Kit

Kit 4 – Water Science Kit

Uncover the secrets behind some of the most amazing water magic tricks you’ve ever seen!

Water Gel – (100 g)
Piece of Black Paper (8” x 11”)
Clear Cup – (2.5 oz)
Two Clear Cups – (9 oz)
Three White Styrofoam Cup – (8 oz)
DO NOT REMOVE Instruction Card
Clear Plastic Mason Jar with lid
Baby Diaper – Size # 3
Baby Soda Bottle
Rubber band – (#33 size)
Three Micro Pipettes
Black Square Vinyl Screen – (4” x 4”)
Black Circle Vinyl Screen – (7 cm)
Instruction Cards

Kit 5 - Newtons Antics

Kit 5 – Newton’s Antics Science Kit

The world of science was forever changed by Sir Isaac Newton’s scientific discoveries. Get ready for things to fling, fly, twist and drop with this kit!

Bead Strand – (50 ft)
Six Clear Latex Balloons
3.5” x 2” Card
Definition Card
Four Zinc Hex Nut ¼” Silver
Stop and Go Pendulum
Yellow Ring
Clear PET Cup – (24 oz)
Clear Bottle – (16 oz)
Instruction Cards

Kit 6 - Color-Mixing Science Kit

Kit 6 – Color Mixing Science Kit

You’re about to explore a unique combination of technology and art with a splash of water-saving science. 

Three Graduated Pipettes
Clear Liter Bottle with cap
Jelly Marbles – (25 g)
Water Jelly Crystals – (20 g)
Jumbo Graduated Test Tube w/ Cap
Two True Color Fizzy Tablets –(12 per pack)
Mixing Tray (24 wells)
Four PET Clear Cup – (16 oz)
Three PET Clear Cup – (4 oz)
Blue Scoop
Instruction Cards

Kit 7 - Power of Air

Kit 7 – Power of Air

You know air supports life on earth but there’s way more to it than that. Take a breath and let’s explore!

Windbags – (2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Green, 2 Yellow)
16 Rubber bands – (#33 size)
Two 1L Clear PET Bottle with cap
Tornado Tube (various colors)
Graduated PipetteClear
Zinc Hex Nut Size – (¼”)
Toy Squid
Instruction Cards

Kit 8 - Physics Science Kit

Kit 8 – Physics Science Kit

The physics activities in this months kit involve gravity, movement, and patience. They show how balance and energy play fascinating roles every day.

Two Root Beer Component Set – (1 Plastic Root Beer Bottle, 1 Cotton String, 1 Clear Ball)
Nails with Red Nail Board
Popsicle Stick –(50 pack)
Steel Rings and Cotton String
White Pipe Cleaner
Six Zinc Hex Nut – (¼”)
Instruction Cards

Kit 9 – String Slime Goo

This month’s kit is all about the chemistry of ooey, gooey polymers that look like long, stringy, stretchy worms. You’ll learn how to hook together long chains of molecules to make cool worm-like polymers!

Blue String Slime  –  8 oz bottle
Clear String Slime –  8 oz bottle
Star Shape Mold
Clear Mixing Tank
Blue Scoop
Calcium Chloride Slime Activator (40g)
Six Clear PET Cup (2.5 oz)
Two Clear PET Cup (9 oz)
Popsicle Stick
Syringe (10mL)
Color Fizzers (12 pack – Magenta, Blue, Yellow)
Instruction Cards

Kit 10 - Mysery Science Kit

Kit 10 – Mysterious Science Kit

Everybody loves a good mystery and science mysteries are some of the best! Dive into these activities to see just how mysterious science can be!

(Coming soon)

Kit 11 - Snow Science Kit

Kit 11 – Snow Science Kit

 You won’t believe your eyes. Just add water to the Insta-Snow® powder and in seconds the water turns into a fluffy substance that looks just like piles of deep snow. 

(Coming soon)

Kit 12 – Slime Art

This kit introduces the concepts of changes in states of matter (from a liquid to a solid). Learn how to make amazing slime art creations!

(Coming soon)

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“Our 6 year old grandson loves it when that little box shows up. Great investment in his future of understanding about how things work.”

– Larry

“My 13 year old granddaughter has been receiving these boxes for a year and she loves it. She enjoys doing the experiments with an adult but the instructions are clear enough for her to follow and do them on her own.”

– Debi

“I have to hide it sometimes because he will open his box before homework is taken out of his backpack. I love that he’s learning about science, by doing it!”

– India

“My grandchildren ages 10, 9 and 6 absolutely love receiving their monthly science box. They work on the experiments together and their parents enjoy them too! There is enough in each shipment for all three children to learn from and enjoy.”

– Jann

“Every box sparks great conversation, promoting our girls to ask more and more questions.”

– Amanda

“I have been receiving these boxes for over 2 years. Not only do my 4 nephews enjoy the experiments, but I use an experiment weekly to teach Sunday school and the kids LOVE it!”

– Stephanie

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