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The Kit of the Month Club That Inspires the Next Generation of Scientists

Both sets of grandchildren absolutely loved their kits!

All of my grandchildren are home schooled and I thought this might be a good summer learning project for them. I ordered the first kits just too see what they were like.

My thought was that “If” they were any good, I would keep my subscriptions going through the summer months. After receiving the first one, my daughter-in-law called to asked if she could keep the subscription going.

Both sets of grandchildren absolutely loved their kits. Now here we are at the end of summer and neither the Moms or the kids want them to stop. So, at this point I am going to continue getting the kits for them.

Thank you for providing a great way for a Grandma to give a fun inexpensive learning experience to her grandchildren.

-Barbara Leaverton

My two boys, Cole and Clayton both loved the experiments!

I was one of the firefighters who stopped by your store on South Federal about a month ago.  My two boys are Cole (9 years old and in 3rd grade) and Clayton (6 years old and in 1st grade).  They both loved the experiments and were excited and interested the whole time.  The experiments were easy to follow and were at a level that was very appropriate for them.  The boys were so excited about the color changing tubes and the fizzy bubble that they took their grandparents through the experiments when they came to visit.  They also created their little laboratory and started testing the solubility of different solids they found around our house in water on their own.  Again, we thank you so much for the experiments and we plan to purchase more in the near future as it adds some great science to our homeschool curriculum.

-Jon Seastone

Pictures of Max enjoying one of his first experiments!

Know that the kids have throughly enjoyed the science kits! Highly recommend!

-Mr. Kroon (Max’s Father)

Can‘t wait until next month’s kit arrives!..

I recently purchased a STEMlab subscription for my 12 year old son’s birthday. After he excitedly and independently worked his way through the first month’s kit filled with colorful fizzy test tube experiments, he then spent the next hour creating experiments on his own.  He concocted a mixture of salt, soap and the remaining test tube ingredients to clean up his work station, he listened to the different noises the water made as he cleaned out the test tubes, he noted that the water in an overflowing test tube rounded at the top rather than flattening off, and he tested many differences between a damp and a soaked sponge, and how to remove water from the beaker using the sponge. Great job inspiring him to explore and to have fun with science!


My daughter loves these kits…

I just wanted to let you know my daughter loves these kits! We love the father/daughter time, keep em coming!


Growing Bacteria and Glowing Germs With Steve Spangler Science

We received the Invisible Science kit for growing bacteria, glowing germs, and hidden messages.
This kit arrived with everything we needed inside along with a list of at home supplies that were optional.
I like the Top Secret book for parents that explains the how and why behind the experiments. The other book gives great detailed step-by-step instructions on how to conduct the experiments, and links to videos online if you prefer to follow along that way.

Sure-Fire Hit

“If you have kids that love to experiment, this will be a sure-fire hit in your home. My kids scream whenever they see the FedEx truck coming down the street.”

– Jamie Clark – Roanoke, Virginia

Wonders of Science

“We just got our first Science Club monthly box for our son for Christmas. It is awesome! He is going to love it. I can’t wait until he opens it. Both my husband and I have STEM jobs and we are so appreciative of your work to get young kids interested in the wonders of science. Keep up the amazing work!”

– Amanda Conig Garrison

Best surprise present!

It is the best surprise present I ever got for my son.  He is my little scientist.  One of the best things about this club versus other clubs is that there are several activities (experiments) and enough materials to repeat the activities.  My son took out the bubble kit and invited a neighbor kid over to do science with him.  We still have enough to do several more.  My son was recently diagnosed with ADHD, but he can focus and learn through these science kits.

– Robyn Webber

Keeping my son intrigued….

My 8 year old science-obsessed son asked me last night how those drinking birds work. I have no idea where the question came from and consequently, had no idea how to answer him. Not 24 hours later, our monthly kit arrived and lo and behold, it was “The Science of Toys” with the famous drinking bird!!!  Thank you, Steve Spangler! You are seriously the best! Your kits keep him intrigued during homeschooling in a way that no other kit has…and trust me when I say we have done them all!

– Erin Tullius

Bringing the family together!

Seriously, decided to just “try out” the Spangler Science Club and after night one, I could not be more excited.  This brought our whole family together tonight and the boys were completely captivated with learning about bacteria growth.  I completely recommend this to ANYONE who has inquisitive little ones.  We have only received one box, but I’m positive it will be a hit each month!

– Jen Niska

Made an impact on my son…

With everything included in the box the best thing was that it allowed real learning with real world items, It really engaged his mind and he really learned about different basic elements of electricity. We had a ton of fun and it was a cool bonding experience for the both of us. Best of all he got a certificate of completion that is on his bedroom wall and very proud he is too..

How do I know it made an impact? The following day when he was at his nanny’s the first thing he did was tell them about all the different experiments he was able to do and what he learned.

All in all a solid 4.5 from 5 for the guys in Spangler – Brilliant as Liam said

– Darren, Diary of a Working Dad

It is awesome!

We just got our first Science Club monthly box for our son for Christmas. It is awesome! He is going to love it. I can’t wait until he opens it. Both my husband and I have STEM jobs and we are so appreciative of your work to get young kids interested in the wonders of science. Keep up the amazing work!

– Amanda Conig Garrison

A great experience…

“Overall Spangler Science Club was a great experience. We really enjoyed the two plus hours of being scientists and this will definitely be a box subscribe to. For $30 a month you get a fair amount of goods to have a nice family evening with your children. It’s really hard to put a price tag on the excitement and joy that our young scientist endured.”

– Joey @

The kit includes everything…

“The kit included everything… I mean just about everything. We only had to supply the water. All instructions are laced with Steve’s sense of humor, which shows kids that science isn’t all serious business—it’s actually fun to explore the world around us.”

– Kelly Knox,

Club Review by Surviving a Teacher’s Salary

When I heard about the Steve Spangler Science Club I KNEW I had to check it out. I am a total science geek at heart and have always used my science degree to “WOW” other kids with fascinating science experiments and facts. I have followed Steve Spangler for years and used his captivating and eye catching science videos on YouTube to share with classrooms as well as my own children at home!  READ MORE

Club Review by Bertha Brown

Their subscription program is unique from others. They have designed theirs to encourage the interaction of an adult science mentor and a young scientist. The adult helpers top secret document contains the science explanation behind all of the experiments and answers to all the science questions in the young scientists guide.  READ MORE

THE ABCD Diaries: Nurture Young Minds with a Spangler Science Club Kit Subscription

You’ve heard of Steve Spangler right?  He is an amazing scientist that has the ability to liven up any science concept with super fun, hands-on experiments that both kiddos and adults can really enjoy.  He now has a monthly subscription service offering a box of science experiments delivered straight to your door each month!  READ MORE

Spangler Science Kit Subscription Box is a HIT!

My eight year old son Sean Eddie, has really gotten into science and doing REAL experiments over the last few months.  For his birthday in January he asked for a microscope and we’ve been exploring the cellular world around us.  When the opportunity presented itself to do a review of the Spangler Science Kit, I jumped at the chance because I knew this would be right up sonny boy’s alley.  And it sure was!