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Our award winning club kits are now
available for you to purchase one box
at a time. Try out our AMAZING club kits.


You can now buy single STEM Lab Deluxe kits.

It’s Electric

You will discover more about static electricity using your homemade Static Bottle. The Energy Stick shows when a circuit is complete when multiple liquids are connected by electron bridges.

Newton’s Antics

Experiments With Motion, Momentum, and Beads That Defy Gravity. Don’t miss out on this Spangler Science Club exclusive kit.

Slime Time

The best slime on the market makes for hours of fun and educational learning experiences for your young scientist. Don’t miss out on this Spangler Science Club exclusive kit.

Amazing Science Secrets

Spangler’s all-inclusive kit is a great introduction to the power of air. You’ll discover how to use differences in air pressure to help you build an air-filled sculpture and lift a heavy object and so much more to discover with this great kit.

Gooey Worm Wonders

The Science of Polymers. Make science gummy worms in seconds! It’s a cross-linking reaction that produces long polymer worms the moment the two liquids touch.

After Dinner Science

Here’s your chance to bring science to the dinner table conversation. Table manners are not on the list but a lot of great science definitely is there. Who knew that Newton’s First Law of Motion was such an important part of the table setting?

Mad Scientist Lab

Set-up Your Own Science Laboratory with the Tools Every Young Scientist Needs. Don’t miss out on this amazing starter science kit.

Sound of Science

Experiment with Sound as we learn about Volume, Frequency, Pitch, Waves, Vibration, Tone and so much more.

It’s Snowing

Take Your Frozen Party to a Whole New Level. Imagine turning any day into a snow day with our exciting activities.

Super Divers

Squeeze the plastic soda bottle and watch the Cartesian divers float and sink with the power of your squeeze.  Learn about density and changes in pressure as you make many fun and exciting different divers.