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Scientific Test Tube Valentines

Put a little science in Valentine's Day

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Tired of sending the same old boring paper Valentines to school? Add a little science in with the paper hearts and give a creative, unique Valentine this year... one the kids can learn from after the party is over. This activity is easier and faster than the time it would take to tape a lollipop on a paper Valentine!

  • Baby Soda Bottles (Large Test Tubes)
  • True Color Mixing Tablets
  • Red and pink M&Ms, Conversation Hearts, red hots, Skittles, confetti or any other candy that will fit in the test tubes
  • Ribbon
  • Small plastic bag
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  1. Get enough Baby Soda Bottles for everyone on your Valentine list. Fill them with candy or fun confetti. Put on the cap.
  2. Print instructions for a small activity to do with the Baby Soda Bottle after the candy is gone. For some ideas, read our experiment on What is a Baby Soda Bottle
  3. For our Valentines we chose the Make Your Own Lava Lamp experiment and included a small bag with a few Color Mixing Tablets and directions. If you use this experiment, make sure the mixing tablets are marked with a "do not eat" label!
  4. Punch a hole in the instruction sheet.
  5. Tie a ribbon through the hole in the instructions and to the top of the Baby Soda Bottle.
  6. You can cover the caps with fabric or tissue paper for a more festive look since the Baby Soda Bottles come in various colors.

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