Cool Science Experiments

Why do we emphasize the word cool when it comes to our at-home experiments? The answer is simple: if the experiments you’ve set up aren’t cool in the eyes of your kids, they’ll lose interest. The goal is to keep youngsters engrossed in whatever you’ve got bubbling, foaming or crystallizing. Cool experiments foster and encourage the learning and discovery process by keeping kids excited and engaged. When learning is fun, kids are more likely to get involved and to remember the lesson, providing a solid foundation for future educational growth. At Steve Spangler Science, we want kids to love learning about science, so we’ve put our signature wow factor into each kit and activity that we sell. 

Science is for everyone. Teach tots, primary-aged kids and teens about gravity, inertia, kinetic and potential energy, plus a whole lot more with our at-home experiments. We’ve even tossed in some artistic projects as well, transforming your children’s STEM journeys into creative STEAM adventures. Use our experiments to supplement classroom learning or build them into your home-school curriculum for a fun, hands-on activity. With such a variety of at-home experiments to choose from, there’s an activity for every lesson plan.

Nurture young, curious minds and the impulse to create with our at-home science and art experiments from Steve Spangler Science. For over 25 years, we’ve been perfecting the science of inspiring young minds. They’ll love our cool science experiments and you’ll love how easy they are to set up and clean up. Browse our selection today to find an experiment or activity that sparks your kid’s imagination.

Adult supervision required.