Sub-Zero Science: A New School Assembly Program

Steve Spangler Science is proud to announce a new elementary school assembly program coming to a gymnasium near you. Sub-Zero Science is filled with eye-catching science experiments and hands-on demonstrations that explore states of matter and changes in temperature.

Award-winning elementary teacher, Julie Gintzler, makes homemade hot air balloons float, soda cans crush on command, clouds of water vapor erupt from an ordinary glass of water and flash freezes household items in a bath of liquid nitrogen.

As a teacher serving over 20 years in the classroom, Julie found the most creative ways to make science fun. She has now transformed her passion for science into school outreach programs and teacher training workshops.

During Sub-Zero Science, Julie uses highly visual demonstrations to teach students and teachers how to be life-long learners.

This is not your average school assembly or dog and pony science magic show. Julie will get students excited about the wonders of science. This is not an assembly they will forget.

Book now for the 2010/2011 school year. Sub-Zero Science is for Denver-metro area schools. Travel expenses are applicable for schools outside of the metro-area. Call 303-268-3193 or visit SubZeroScience.com for more information.

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