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Amazing hands-on science delivered to your door every month!!! Ignite the spark of science and creativity in your child with a subscription to the Spangler Science Club. Join today and you’ll receive Steve Spangler’s most amazing hands-on science experiments delivered to your door each month.

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The Store | Making Science Fun!

We have a ton of toys and kits available in our online store. Our website is more than just a catalog; it’s a learning resource for teachers and customers who want even better pricing. Play time is an important part of our daily experience at Steve Spangler Science. All of the activities and kits on our website are teacher-developed and kid-tested.

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The Lab | Experiment Library

If you’ve never experienced Steve Spangler in person, you’ve probably seen one of his viral science experiments while watching television, surfing YouTube or observing your kids as they turn the kitchen into a mad scientist’s laboratory. This collection of Steve's favorite science experiments will help you master the art of creating an educational experience that’s so fun... people don’t even realize they’re learning. Let us help you create your own unforgettable learning experiences.

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