Evolution of Dance


Best of Spangler Science 2009

It's been quite a year for us at Steve Spangler Science... in fact, when the year starts out with 50 off your closest friends helping you wish Ellen DeGeneres a Happy Birthday, you know big things are in store.  Whether we were letting fans…
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Evolution of Dance Guy Mysteriously Vanishes in an Explosion

... and when the smoke cleared Judson Laipply was gone. [youtube width="560" height="340"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRk_qGbGVFE[/youtube] Oh, you want the rest of the story? I first met Judson over the summer while we were both booked…

New Weezer Video Features Mentos Geyser… and Everybody Else!

Weezer has a new video up on YouTube and guess who's in it? EVERYONE. Well, every YouTube star you can think of seems to have a cameo, including the EepyBird Guys doing their Mentos Experiment #771. The song is called Pork and Beans and the…