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  • Red Cabbage Jiffy Indicator

Red Cabbage Indicator

Quick Overview

Measure pH with this easy-to-use acid-base indicator


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Red Cabbage Jiffy Juice is an easy-to-use acid-base indicator that measures pH. Use Jiffy Juice to make colorful solutions by adding common acids and bases. It's safe and carefully crafted from all food-grade material. If you add one small scoop to 50 ml of water, Jiffy Juice will make several gallons of strong red cabbage juice. Recommended for children ages 8 and up.

What's Included?

  • 1 Jar of Jiffy Juice Powder
  • Mixing cup
  • Pipette
  • Indicator chart

What Does It Teach?

Science Fair Connection:

Want to use the Jiffy Juice as a science fair project? You'll need to do more than find out whether a solution is acidic or alkaline! If you want to turn this cool demonstration into a science fair project, you'll have to identify a variable, or factor that can be changed during your experiments:

  • Find the most acidic or alkaline product in your world. Make a hypothesis about which food, drink, or other testable item is the most acidic or alkaline and start testing.
We've given you one suggestion for a possible variable, but you can probably think of others. Whatever you choose, remember that the rest of your experiment's factors have to remain the same. Only change the variable!

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  1. Indicator works review by Sandra Taylor on 5/3/2013

    I bought the red cabbage indicator because I was too lazy to boil cabbage. We did the milk of magnesia color changing experiment. It worked great but at the end I took some indicator and added vinegar to that so they could see a real dark color change. I then added a little milk of magnesia to that so they could see it turn back to green. The colors were more dramatic that way.

  2. Did not do what I had hoped review by H Gardner on 3/24/2013

    I ordered this item (paid extra shipping so I could get it here fast), and when it arrived the lid was partially unscrewed and there was cabbage powder all over. The item worked fine for the ph testing, but did not work at all for the "bad breath" experiment, or any of the dry ice experiments. We tried regular water, bottled water, and distilled water, and every time it was a blue violet, rather than a pink/purple. This has been my experience with many Steve Spangler products. I usually like about half of what I order. After paying 20.00 for shipping, I think this will be my last order.

    H. Gardner -
    That is definitely unacceptable! We are as disappointed as you with the dissatisfaction you have experienced using our products, and the fact that your cabbage powder arrived spilt should never happen. One of our customer service representatives will be contacting you soon to help you out with this and the other situations you have referenced. We are extremely sorry about your disappointment and aim to correct these problems.
    - Steve Spangler Science Web Team

  3. Better than boiling review by Laura Alexander on 2/10/2013

    I love Jiffy Juice. When my students study acids/bases, I go through quite a bit. My family is thrilled that I am not boiling red cabbage every other night. The smell is much milder than cabbage also.

  4. Way funner than expected review by Zarah on 1/21/2013

    I expected to learn a little pH chemistry and perhaps do some experiments - I never expected this kit to be so addictive and fun! It really got me thinking about what pH means and before you know it I was emptying my cabinets and putting little drops of this and that in all my glasses to see what color they would turn. I haven't taken chemistry in a long time and this totally brought pH back to life for me!

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