Steve Spangler Science StoryTime Science Kits

Our StoryTime Science items make learning fun for younger kids. Each StoryTime Science kit comes with an award-winning book and an age-appropriate, hands-on science experiment. These rich, literature-based science kits are perfect for young children and will provide endless hours of fascination!

StoryTime Science: Everything You Need to Create a Memorable Experience

Each science experiment corresponds with a theme within these classic children’s stories and includes just about everything you need to create a memorable experience that they’ll be talking about — long after the experiment is finished. Our StoryTime Science kits teach science through literature and include a how-to guide, step-by-step instructions and more information about the experiment that is included within the kit.

Hands-On Experiments

Learn about the nutrients in the food we eat, how UV lighting affects color-sensitive items, how fun polymers can change their appearance with the addition of water and how our thirsty Water Gel™ expands and grows before their eyes. Each kit is an amazing deep dive into substances that exist within their daily worlds. These science experiments will get them asking questions, making clever observations and staying inquisitive about the natural world around them.

The WOW Experience

Steve Spangler Science is all about that WOW experience, which is why we’ve put together these all-in-on StoryTime Science kits. Kids will love these two-in-one kits that combine the stories that they love along with everyday scientific principles, explaining them in language, idea and experiment formats that they can understand and apply to their worlds.

Steve Spangler Science: Inspiring Young STEMologists Everywhere

For over 25 years, Steve Spangler Science has been pushing the boundaries about how science is taught. We’re all about the “ooohs” and “ahhhs” of science experiments, providing unexpected outcomes, fun activities and hands-on science kits that will make memorable, long-lasting impressions. We operate with one goal: to inspire the next generation of STEMologists. Because of this, we always have our thinking caps on about how to implement these lessons into children’s worlds in fun, new and exciting ways. Don’t miss our online experiment library as well as our science fair ideas and other collection of science kits that will inspire your young scientist!