Party Planning

When you have a party to plan, things can get stressful and overwhelming. So let Steve Spangler Science take care of the hard-work and make you look like a rockstar! Whether you are looking for squishy, slimy parties or throwing a bash for the science fashionista in your life, we’ve planned them out to a “t.” We’ve even got invitations. You’re going to be the greatest party planner on the planet!

  • Big Bucket of ScienceBig Bucket of Science

    Big Bucket of Science Test Tube Experiments

  • Baby Soda Bottles Test Tubes & RackBaby Soda Bottles Test Tubes & Rack

    Large Plastic Test Tubes with Rack

  • Glow Powder KitGlow in the Dark Powder

    Glow Powder with Mini Black Light

  • STEM Science Kit – Amazing ScientistSTEM Science Kit – Amazing Scientist

    STEM Science Kit: Amazing Scientist Chemistry Kit

  • After Dinner ScienceAfter Dinner Science

    STEM Science Kit: After Dinner Science

    $17.49 Sale!
  • Dinner Table Science

    STEM Science Kit: Dinner Table Science

    $12.50 Sale!