Test Tubes and Science Tubes at Steve Spangler Science

Test tubes are the quintessential mainstay in a budding scientist’s stash of science experiment accessories and lab supplies. We’ve picked some of the most high-quality test tubes and science tubes to sell in our online lab supply shop here at Steve Spangler Science. Test tubes and science tubes can be used in a wide range of experiments — from measuring and observing to mixing and prepping. These must-have science lab supplies are available here in several different sizes, quantities and designs so you can get exactly what you need at a price that won’t bust your budget.

DIY Experiments and Online Steve Spangler Science Experiments

Our test tubes can be used with your own DIY experiments or with one of our Steve Spangler Science experiments featured within our comprehensive online science library. Use these test tubes for many of our experiments. Grow your own plants with Growing Plants in Test Tubes. Make a colorful jelly-crystal scene in a test tube with our Rainbow Test Tube activity. Experiment with Magic Sand for hours and hours of fun, hands-on activities.

  • Baby Soda Bottle - Test Tube RackBaby Soda Bottle - Test Tube Rack

    Large Plastic Test Tubes Rack

  • Bubbling ConcoctionsTest Tubes - Baby Soda Bottles

    Large Plastic Test Tubes with Caps

  • Baby Soda Bottles Test Tubes & RackBaby Soda Bottles Test Tubes & Rack

    Large Plastic Test Tubes with Rack


Lab Supplies and FUN

Steve Spangler Science has great lab supplies for all of your at-home or in-class experiment needs. Whether you’re looking for replacements for your all-in-one science kits or you’re looking to put together your own science fair activity with our selection of lab supplies, we have what you need at great prices. Buy beakers, bottles, film canisters, graduated cylinders, pipettes and eyedroppers as well as safety glasses/protective eyewear here.

Steve Spangler Science: A Leader in Kids’ STEM Education

As a mainstay in the science education community, Steve Spangler Science has been inspiring the next generation of STEMologists with exciting experiments and activities with our signature WOW factor. At Steve Spangler Science, we like to make it BIG! We’ve made quite an impression on the scientific education community with our one-of-a-kind experiments; we can be seen on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and on other various local and national programs across the country. Don’t miss our selection of over 350 products, each developed by our top-notch educators, engineers and scientists. Explore the world of physics, chemistry or biology. Get the best science fair ideas or purchase all-in-one science kits for your STEM club or your classroom. The science opportunities are endless here at Steve Spangler Science!