Paper Products at Steve Spangler Science

Budding scientists will get a kick out of our paper products! Our Heat-Sensitive Paper and our Glow-in-the-Dark Paper products are fantastic, affordable additions to your at-home or in-class science experiment collection. Each paper product is hand-picked by our experts for its quality and its specific application to demonstrate some of the core scientific principles and ideas with age-appropriate accessories and lab supplies to get them excited about STEM subjects.

Heat-Sensitive Paper and Glow-in-the-Dark Paper

Whether you’re entering a unit that discusses insulators or you’re studying light, chemistry or the effects of UV on different types of surfaces, our paper products from Steve Spangler Science will add that bit of WOW factor you need to really make a BIG impression! Ideal for children of all ages, our heat- and light-sensitive paper products will allow kids to visualize many different ideas and principles of science.

Lab Supplies and More

You can find all of your must-have lab supply items in our selection to supplement or replace your favorite at-home science experiments and science kits from Steve Spangler Science. Whether you’re looking for test tubes, petri dishes, graduated cylinders, black lights, bottles, batteries or iron filings to demonstrate magnetism, there is a great selection of lab supplies available here at Steve Spangler Science.

Science Kits and Science Fair Ideas

Don’t miss our science fair experiments, science kits and more. Teach kids about the world around them with products that are designed just for them! For more than 25 years, Steve Spangler Science has operated with one goal: to inspire the next generation of STEMologists. From our beginning as a traveling science show that could be seen in elementary schools across the country to our appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and other newscasts, we’ve made it our mission to put the excitement back into science learning. For inspiration and ideas, don’t miss our super-fun library of Steve Spangler Science experiments that you can do at home, in the classroom or for STEM club activities that they’ll never forget.