Iron Filings and Iron Filing Cases at Steve Spangler Science

If you’re getting ready to enter a unit on magnetism and magnetic force, then our selection of iron filings and iron filing cases are just the right items to demonstrate these essential principles of physics. Our versatile iron filings are a great visual for kids to understand and experiment with the exciting magnetic lines of force, magnetic fields and magnetic poles. Use our iron filing products and iron filing cases with your own tools and experiments or incorporate them into your favorite Steve Spangler Science experiment for a hands-on demonstration that your students or children will never forget!

Lab Supplies for Science Experiments and Science Kits

Our lab supply section of the Steve Spangler Science website is your comprehensive source for all of the lab supplies you need for your home or classroom. Our quality lab supplies are hand-picked by our experts at Steve Spangler Science for their high-quality and affordability. These iron filing products are a must-have in your science classroom for all sorts of fun experiments and hands-on learning opportunities. Whether you’re looking for science lab supplies like film canisters, batteries, bottles, beakers, protective eyewear or blacklights, you can count on Steve Spangler Science to have the lab supply items you need to supplement your science lessons and experiments.

The Signature WOW Factor — Now at Home

From a traveling science show at elementary schools around the country to an industry leader that has been featured in newscasts and on nationally syndicated television shows like the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Steve Spangler Science has been a refreshing addition to the science education community. Whether you’re here to look through our online science experiment library or you’re on the lookout for the best science fair ideas with that signature Steve Spangler Science WOW factor, you’ll find everything you need here.

Steve Spangler Science: Your Go-To for At-Home Science Fun

While you’re visiting our website, don’t miss our all-in-one science kits, which demonstrate firsthand the principles of physics, biology and chemistry. These age-appropriate products are designed to make a lasting impression on children of all ages with their simple instructions and common ingredients that you can find at home. Be sure to check out our Spangler Science Club, where each month your child will receive super-cool experiments to do at home.