Graduated Cylinders at Steve Spangler Science

Our graduated cylinders are a great way to measure, observe and dole out just the right amount of water or other liquid in your favorite Steve Spangler Science at-home or classroom experiment. These cylinders can be used for many different scientific experiments, kept in your classroom or utilized for your extra-curricular STEM club activities. These versatile graduated cylinders are a must-have addition to your cache of science experiment supplies and essentials. Choose between an individual cylinder or a three-pack of cylinders.

Versatile See-Through Cylinders

These convenient and sturdy cylinders are hand-picked by Steve Spangler Science experts for their versatility and their quality. These opaque see-through cylinders stand securely upright on their own so you can add liquids, concentrates and other substances safely and with no mess. Use with your own DIY science fair experiment or with one of our go-to Steve Spangler Science experiments, such as our Balancing Act experiment, which teaches an important lesson in physics.

All of Your Lab Supplies in One Place

Shop here for these and other science experiment lab supplies. Whether you need science lab odds and ends for your at-home collection of science experiments or you’re looking to add on some quality pieces to your science class or to your STEM club activities, Steve Spangler Science is the place to be. We have a great selection of science lab supply items, such as petri dishes, beakers, test tubes, batteries, black lights and more.

Steve Spangler Science: Twenty-Five Years of Science Fun

For over 25 years, Steve Spangler Science has strived to make science infinitely exciting and inspiring to children across the country. Our first goal has always been to inspire the next generation of STEMologists with the best products and the best ideas. What began as a traveling science show for elementary schools has turned into and industry-leading educational resource for parents and educators. Don’t miss our online library of science experiments, where you’ll find great uses for all of our lab supply items such as our graduated cylinders. We also have a fantastic selection of all-in-one kits that teach kids about physics, biology and chemistry — all with that signature Steve Spangler Science WOW factor!