Concentrate Formulas at Steve Spangler Science

When it comes to teaching children the concepts, the theories and the principles of science, hands-on experiments are the way to go! Steve Spangler Science has all of your science lab supplies here in the lab supply section of our website, including concentrated formulas that are used in several of our most popular experiments and activities.

Concentrated Bubbles and Concentrated Rheoscopic Solution

These concentrated formulas can be used in several different experiments as well as on their own. Our Extreme Bubble Solution Concentrate creates up to one gallon of our fabulous bubble solution and is formulated by a real-life bubble chemist! It’s made with polymer-enriched substances that produce huge, long-lasting bubbles (not small, fragile bubbles like those standard soap and glycerin mixes). Our concentrated Pearl Swirl Rheoscopic Concentratemakes two gallons of rheoscopic fluid and is a fantastic choice to produce a visual demonstration for science-themed subjects like convection, aerodynamics, ocean currents, turbulence and other motion effects that can be rather difficult for kids to visualize.

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Steve Spangler Science is your go-to for all of your science fair ideas, science kits and other lab supplies — either for all-in-one kit replacement supplies or for your favorite at-home or your in-class Steve Spangler Science experiments. We have everything you need here in one place to supplement or replace many of your needed lab supplies. Shop here for petri dishes, beakers, batteries, bottles, black lights, test tubes and more.

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For nearly three decades, Steve Spangler Science has been a fun, refreshing and exciting addition to the science education community. With our new hands-on and exciting science experiments and our BIG kits with the Steve Spangler Science WOW factor, teaching kids about science will never be the same again. We have one goal: to inspire the next generation of STEMologists!