Bottles, Dropper Mixing Bottles and Lab Supplies at Steve Spangler Science

At Steve Spangler Science, we have all of the hard-to-find science lab supplies you need, including bottles, dropper bottles and mixing bottles. Whether you’re looking for replacement items for our exciting Steve Spangler Science at-home science experiments or you’re looking for accessories and lab supplies for your school’s science fair or other activities, we have a fantastic selection of science supplies that will keep you well-stocked and always prepared.

Fun with Science

Our reusable plastic bottles can be used in many of Steve Spangler Science super-fun activities and science experiments. From the classic DIY Mentos exploding geyser experiment to our Color Fizzing Tablets, these plastic bottle sets are great to have on-hand when your children get the experiment bug. They’re great to incorporate into after-school activities, classroom activities or STEM club projects that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on curious and developing minds!

Shop Here for Lab Supplies

Don’t miss our other lab supplies available for purchase at Steve Spangler Science. We have all of those replacement items for our fabulously popular at-home science kits, including our physics kits, biology kits and chemistry kits. We carry an affordable selection of science lab supply items including petri dishes, safety glasses and test tubes — everything you need to create some lasting hands-on science memories in your home or classroom.

Steve Spangler Science: Inspiring New STEMologists Everywhere

With its mission to get kids excited about science and to inspire the next generation of STEMologists, Steve Spangler Science is a groundbreaker in the science industry. For over 25 years, we’ve toured elementary schools throughout the country with our traveling science show and have been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on many occasions. We like to make science BIG, making inspiring impressions on kids of all ages by adding the WOW factor to our experiments. You can do the same in your very own home or classroom! Be sure to check out our library of online science experiments — a go-to source for teachers and parents around the world for science project ideas and inspiration.