Steve Spangler Science Black Lights

Oh, the cool things you can do with black lights! These special lights give off an energetic ultraviolet light, making certain substances glow in the dark. Things like chlorophyll, teeth, minerals, gems, body fluids, money and laundry detergent all glow in the dark when you bring out these types of lights. They’re not only fun, they can be a great learning experience, too.

Black Lights and Lab Supplies

Steve Spangler Science carries black lights in our science lab supply section that you can use with or without our corresponding science experiments. Our handheld black lights are a great addition to many of our science fair experiment ideas, science kits and other activities. Whether you’re looking for a classroom activity, an after-school activity or a hands-on STEM club experiment, our affordable black lights are always great to have on hand. With our low prices, you can also purchase several black lights for multiple students or children.

Exciting Science Products Developed by Experts

Steve Spangler Science has been a mainstay in the world of exciting and refreshing science experiments for over 25 years. Our experiments and products have been featured not only in classrooms and schools across the country, but on televised newscasts and on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. We carry over 350 products that have been developed by top educators, engineers and scientists with one goal in mind: to inspire the next generation STEMologists!

Steve Spangler Science: Kits, Experiments and Fun

Whatever activities you’re looking for to keep your young scientist(s) busy — whether that’s after school, in school or during long summer months — Steve Spangler Science is bursting with the best science products, STEM activities and other great experiments for your children. Our age-appropriate products are must-haves in your home or classroom. Be sure to check out our all-in-one science kits — we have STEM kits, chemistry kits, physics kits and biology kits. Your children or students will have a blast learning about the world around them and will be excited and inspired about science!