• 1 Liter Bottles

    Bottles – 1 liter

  • Bubble GlovesBubble Gloves

    Bubble Gloves

  • Clear Safety GlassesClear Safety Glasses

    Clear Safety Glasses

  • Extreme Bubble Solution ConcentrateExtreme Bubble Solution Concentrate

    Extreme Bubble Solution Concentrate

  • Film Canisters

    Film Canisters – (15 pack)

  • Glitter Bug LotionGlitter Bug Lotion

    Glitter Bug Lotion

  • Glow Powder KitGlow in the Dark Powder

    Glow Powder with Mini Black Light

  • Graduated Cylinder 500mlGraduated Cylinder 500ml

    Graduated Cylinders

  • Heat Sensitive PaperHeat Sensitive Paper

    Heat Sensitive Paper

  • Baby Soda Bottle - Test Tube RackBaby Soda Bottle - Test Tube Rack

    Large Plastic Test Tubes Rack

  • Bubbling ConcoctionsTest Tubes - Baby Soda Bottles

    Large Plastic Test Tubes with Caps

  • Baby Soda Bottles Test Tubes & RackBaby Soda Bottles Test Tubes & Rack

    Large Plastic Test Tubes with Rack

  • Mini-Mixing Trays (24 Wells)Mini-Mixing Trays (24 Wells)

    Mini-Mixing Trays (24 Wells)

  • Pearl Swirl Rheoscopic ConcentratePearl Swirl Rheoscopic Concentrate

    Pearl Swirl Rheoscopic Concentrate


Restock your classroom with kid-friendly science lab supplies, or turn your home into a fun and engaging science lab for children! Our science supplies include classroom lab supplies, safety equipment and other materials that can help you create some of the amazing experiments you’ve seen at Steve Spangler Science!

Replenish Your Science Supplies
Shop our science equipment for kids for bubble gloves, plastic test tubes, safety glasses, mixing trays, plastic bottles and more! If you’re looking to replenish classroom lab supplies or materials from Steve Spangler STEM science kits, our science supplies include bubble solution, glow powder, heat-sensitive paper and more! With these science lab supplies, you’ll be able to revisit some of your favorite Steve Spangler Science experiments and explore some of your child’s favorite lessons over and over again.

Give the Gift of a Science Lab
At Steve Spangler Science, our goal is to provide a fun and educational experience that teaches children the wonders of the world through engaging and playful activities. Pair our science lab supplies with our popular science kits for a gift that truly captures their attention and curiosity. Use our science supplies and safety equipment as supplements for an at-home lab, or purchase extra science materials, so your child can recreate their favorite Steve Spangler Science experiments over and over again. Our science supplies make great gifts for holidays, birthdays or any other events. 

Join Our Steve Spangler Science Club

Do you know what goes well with our science safety glasses? A subscription to our monthly Steve Spangler Science Club! Sign up for as few as three months, and get engaging and wholly different STEM science kits delivered to your doorstep. Your child will love exploring new topics and seeing the world in a different light.