Hands-On Color Products, Experiments, Labs

With at-home color experiments from Steve Spangler Science, you’ll get young ones’ attention with bright colors, color-changing elements and glowing substances. These colorful activities will introduce them to the principles of color and light and how they affect how the world looks and functions. Our products, experiments and labs are designed for kids of all ages. Whether your scientist hasn’t started school yet or is quickly approaching their teenage years, you’ll find fun, engaging activities to keep them interested in the world around them. From individual color projects and to full experiments that will keep them busy for hours, you’ll find color science activities that will inspire a lifelong love of science.

We use color to inspire with a unique learning experience and an outcome that will stay with kids for years to come. Discover our colorful, UV-Sensitive Beads, Jelly Marbles and vibrant Magic Sand. Don’t miss out on everyone’s favorite: Slime Art, which we offer in glow-in-the-dark and color-changing varieties. While our color science products are designed for at-home exploration, many of our science projects can be easily adapted for classroom use.

A Scientific World of Color

With the selection of hands-on color experiments and labs from Steve Spangler Science, you can discover a new scientific world of color and experience firsthand how color can be affected by chemical reactions, UV light and other factors. For over 25 years, we’ve brought the most exciting experiments and products to children with our age-appropriate, accessible and inspiring lessons. Today, we offer more than 350 products, each made with the same goal: to inspire the next generation of scientific minds. 

With the at-home color science experiments at Steve Spangler Science, you’ll be guaranteed a rapt audience for after-school activities, science fair projects and rainy days inside. Best of all, parents have no need to worry about stains. Our at-home science collection is safe to use and most products won’t stain or leave any trace of color behind, so you can relax, explore and inspire. You can find more exciting science activities by checking out our full experiment library, complete with tons of science projects to do at home.

Adult supervision required.