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Expanding Baby Bottle

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The Classic Science Demonstration

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We’re excited to re-introduce this classic science demonstration made popular by the original Mr. Wizard, Don Herbert, who was a master of creating unforgettable experiences using household items. How much gas is trapped in two tablets of Alka-Seltzer? Mr. Wizard answered the question by trapping the bubbling gas inside a baby bottle, but the top of this bottle has no hole! There’s so much bubbling carbon dioxide gas being released that the baby bottle top expands to an enormous size. The audience reaction will be a mix of screams and laughter. The kit comes complete with a plastic baby bottle, three hole-less rubber tops, effervescent tablets and an activity guide, which includes an updated version of the original demonstration taught to Steve Spangler by Don Herbert. It’s a classic science demonstration for a new generation.

What's Included?

  • Plastic baby bottle
  • 3 "Blind" baby bottle nipples (nipple without a hole in the tip)
  • 4 Alka-Seltzer™ tablets

What Does It Teach?

After performing this "signature" demo for 30 years, Don Herbert discovered a problem with the rationale for doing the experiment in the first place. Now, you can help your children wonder and discover the real lesson behind the demonstration.

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  1. Students reaction... review by Sharon Reed on 4/23/2014

    It's a WOW!

  2. Expanding Baby Bottle review by Jim B. on 5/9/2013

    This works very well, and is a Great experiment.

    However, the nipples pop, and there is No way to buy replacement "no hole" nipples without buying the whole kit.

    Steve Spangler Science needs to offer replacement "no hole" nipples without buying the whole $10 kit.

    I have made this suggestion by email and finally got a weak response two weeks later. Also, I spoke by phone with a Steve Spangler representative that said she would pass the suggestion along.

    I truly feel like I am being ignored on this issue. PLEASE offer replacement nipples without holes, Or let me know where I can buy them.

    Jim -
    Please don't feel like your requests are falling on deaf ears. We take our customer requests seriously, and when we say we will pass your feedback and suggestions along, we do so. As far as offering replacement blind nipples, we don't have any current plans to make them available for retail, and aside from our source, we have no leads as to finding these nipples elsewhere. Feel free to give our customer service team a call at (800)223-9080 if you have any other questions. Thank you for your feedback, Jim, and keep experimenting!
    - Steve Spangler Science Web Team

  3. Great Science Expirement Project review by J Urbanski on 4/30/2013

    We purchased the Expanding Baby Bottle to use for our sons Soda Can Pop Science project. This product offered him a great visual to use at the science fair that was teacher approved. They really didn't like the idea of shaking cans of soda and tapping them on the side and than opening them. Using the baby bottle allowed him to demonstrate his experiment with a great visual. It was a hit. He had a crowd by him all day.

  4. Cute Demonstration review by Leonard Hutchens on 3/11/2013

    This is a cute demonstration that I use to open my science demonstration program. I tell the kids this was my 1st "test tube".

  5. Perfect! review by Amanda on 2/18/2013

    Items are hard to find, you fix all that!!!

    This helps with demonstrations! Keep it coming!

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