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St. Patrick's Day

Out Smart the Leprechauns

Are you looking to capture one of those illusive little green men this St. Patrick's Day? What you need is to master their magic and tricks. That way, you'll know what to expect on March 17th. With the Leprechaun Science Kit, you'll learn some of their most popular tricks like Vanishing Leprechaun Eggs, Leprechaun Sandwich Bag, and even finding hidden rainbows in the world around you.

Unlock the Mysteries of the Leprechauns
Get The Leprechaun Science Kit Today for Only $34.99!

Who had more fun, the kids or adults?

“This kit was a great routine breaker for my kindergarten Daisy Girl Scouts. They were ooohing, awwwwing and yukking with each activity. The parents were right there touching and smelling. The worm goo and snow were the biggest hits.I had a lot of fun sharing this kit with them. ”
– Melinda Ireland (3/23/14)

  • Make Leprechaun Green Snow

  • Turn the water in your faucets green

  • Discover the secrets of Leprechaun eggs

  • Uncover hidden rainbows

  • Fish with green worms

  • Create a color-changing rainbow bracelet

  • And so much more!

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