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Sick Science DVD - Volume 1

Quick Overview

Hands-on experiments that use household items to bring science to life.

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If you've experienced our Sick Science!™ series before, you know that the videos are all about bringing science to life for young learners. The best part? The hands-on science exploration can be done using items found right in your own home or classroom! Each volume of the Sick Science DVD series features 10 experiments that leave young scientists with a question. Sometimes, they may be asked to figure out why the experiment works. Other times, they may be asked to determine a mystery component of the activity. The entire experience is designed to encourage investigation and inquiry… a sure-fire way to keep everyone engaged and wanting more.
So how did it work? What's that mystery ingredient? Don't worry… Steve Spangler is going to tell you! After each experiment has been investigated and performed to your satisfaction, Steve will break down the science that makes it work. That's right, the Sick Science! DVD will walk you through each experiment and explain the science in a way that's fun, engaging, and makes sure that students come away with the invaluable knowledge of what's happening in the world around them. These explanations are exclusive to the Sick Science DVD series, so don't expect to find them anywhere else!

What's Included?

Sick Science™ Volume 1
  • Why Does Water Rise?
  • American Flag Optical Illusion
  • Ultimate Gooey Slime
  • Spooky Halloween Beverage
  • The Coin Drop
  • Dry Ice Bubbling Acid
  • Dry Ice Smoke Ring Launcher
  • Toothpick Star Table Trick
  • Balancing Utensils Table Trick
  • The Tablecloth Trick

What Does It Teach?

The Sick Science!™ series covers a ton of science, from a broad spectrum of fields. From optical illusions and color mixing to centripetal force and physics, you can find a use for every experiment in the series. Each volume includes 10 different experiments! That's 10 ways to add an incredible hands-on science experience into your class or home.

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What is Sick Science™?

  • Featured in our weekly Experiment of the Week emails, the Sick Science! channel premieres a brand new science experiment every Tuesday. The best part about these hands-on experiments (besides the background music)? They use materials that are found in most households!

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  1. Great science projects review by Alissa on 10/27/2013

    These science projects are amazing other science projects are not as cool as these experiments.

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