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Baby Diaper Science Fair Kit

Quick Overview

Discover the polymer that makes baby diapers superabsorbent.

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Dissect a baby diaper and discover the quicker-picker-upper secret. Amaze your friends with science magic using the superabsorbent secret. Explore the science of polymers and understand their importance in our everyday lives. Kit comes complete with science fair tips and experiments.

It all starts with, "I wonder why?" or, "How come?" or, "What if?" A small wonder and a little exploration can lead to big discoveries! Great ideas and outstanding questions often arise out of doing another experiment. All of the Science Fair Solutions kits help you to learn how to think like a scientist and use the scientific method. Remember, the first step to getting the answer is wondering about the question.

This kit is recommended for children ages 6 and up.

What's Included?

  • 2 Baby Diapers
  • Special Diaper Powder
  • Diaper Dissection Bags
  • Mixing Cups & Scoop
  • Detailed activity guide with science fair pointers

What Does It Teach?

Science Fair Connection:

A good science fair project changes something, creates a new experiment, and compares the results. 
  • Change the brand of diaper and test it to see just how much water it will absorb. Compare your results to the absorbency of the first diaper you tested.
The brand of diaper is the variable in this experiment. Be sure to use the same size of diaper even though you are using different brands. If you test a large Pampers diaper against a newborn-sized Huggies diaper, your results will not be reliable. Everything needs to stay the same except for the brand of diaper. You'll find out extremely quickly if you get what you pay for or if there really isn't a difference between the brands. Document your discoveries and share them at the science fair. Many moms with young children will thank you for your research!

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  1. Baby Diaper Science Project review by andy on 3/26/2013

    Thanks for a great science project. My son had a fun time doing this.

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