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Vampire Science Kit

Quick Overview

Glowing slime and vampire veins change color from eerie green to blood red in this Vampire Science kit.




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Vampire Science features a new color-changing recipe that turns gooey slime and vampire veins from eerie green to blood red as you reveal a vampire's favorite snack. The secret is a special dye that looks green under normal light, glows an eerie color under black light and turns blood red when you hold it up to ordinary white light. You’ll receive all the supplies needed to make 24 shaker cups filled with Vampire Slime. It's the most original take-home party favor you've ever seen. You'll also learn how to make color-changing vampire veins that are guaranteed to make your guests oooh & ahhh. Finally, you'll learn how to capture a spooky, glowing image on a piece of phosphorescent paper using a battery-powered black light wand. The Vampire Science Kit includes all of the supplies you'll need to amaze 24 guests.
The Vampire Science Kit is Perfect for Your Next Halloween Party!

You’ll receive all the supplies needed to make 24 shaker cups filled with Vampire Slime. Make over 20 feet of color-changing vampire veins. Uncover the science of glowing chemistry with eerie green fluorescent dye, phosphorescent paper and a battery-powered ultra-violet light (batteries not included).


Can't decide between Vampire Veins and Vampire Slime? This kit has both. 

What's Included?

  • 24 Shaker Cups and lids
  • Vampire Vein Goo - 8 oz
  • Vein Activator Powder
  • Vampire Slime Goo - 32 oz
  • Cross Linker Solution - 16 oz
  • Glow in the Dark Paper
  • Spooky Transparency
  • Handheld Black Light
  • Atomic Glow Liquid - 4 oz
  • 13-page, full-color activity guide

How Does It Work?

Vampire Slime contains a dye that actually creates a unique special effect. At most angles the slime absorbs all light frequencies except green, which is why our eyes see it as green. But light passing directly through the slime appears red because the special dye is absorbing all of the light except for red, which means that light is two separate things when it comes in contact with slime.  

Slime can be used to introduce the concepts of chemical bonding, cross-linking of molecules and the properties of polymers. Students can literally feel how the cross-linking agent goes to work linking together the long chains of molecules that make up the polyvinyl alcohol solution. With the addition of the special "vampire" dye, this slime kit beautifully demonstrates the properties of reflected light and transmitted light with a very cool color change.

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  1. Awesome review by Suzanne on 10/25/2014

    This was a great hit at my son's birthday party. All the kids, 3 - 11 years old, boys and girls, thought making slime, goo, and vampire veins was awesome. Even after all the kids made their stuff, we had lots of ingrediants left over so we'll be able to repeat the experiments again. The kids especially liked the trick with putting the slime in front of a mirror, and the UV light worked very well, as well. It was a bright day when we had the party, so we all had to huddle in the bathroom to see the goo glow, and that added to the fun.

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