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The Ultimate Dry Ice Science Kit

Quick Overview

Whether you're whipping up something spooky for Halloween or crafting an unforgettable lesson about the states of matter, DRY ICE experiments create an unforgettable learning experience. Featured on The Ellen Show!


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Whether you're whipping up something spooky for Halloween or crafting an unforgettable lesson about the states of matter, dry ice is an amazing resource that can be used to illustrate science concepts centered around solids, liquids and gases.

We took a page out of Steve Spangler's play book and recreated the exact dry ice science kit that he used during his school tours throughout the country. The Ultimate Dry Ice Science Kit is filled with the tools, gadgets, resources and safety equipment you’ll need to present 15 unforgettable dry ice experiments. You'll create bubbles that fill with fog and burst to delight of any audience. Make silverware scream under super cold temperatures, uncover the acidic properties of bubbling carbon dioxide, and even make a crystal ball out of a giant bubble. These bubbling, foggy concoctions and hands-on experiments will have your audience's attention for hours. 

BONUS! You’ll receive the Boo Bubble generator that Steve Spangler featured on The Ellen Show that will allow you to create thousands of fog-filled bubbles that you can bounce in your hands.

You'll also receive a comprehensive experiment guide that details 15 experiments and demonstration ideas to help reinforce concepts of states of matter, sublimation, gas laws and color chemistry. The clear plastic graduated cylinder make it possible to allow your friends to hold onto the bubbling dry ice concoction in a completely safe manner while still enjoying the effects of dry ice as it sublimates in warm water. You'll also learn how to present the color-changing liquid experiment as you uncover the pH of the bubbling liquid. Hands down... (and hands-on)... this is the BEST DRY ICE SCIENCE KIT available today. Teacher created, kid tested, unforgettable experience guaranteed.


    • For all the oohs and ahhs during your party
    • Create colorful, bubbling concoctions for a spooky atmosphere
    • Squeeze, bounce and burst fog-filled bubbles in your hands!
    • Make glowing, bubbling potions using Atomic Glow coloring
    • Explore the science of chemiluminescence with the included glow sticks
    • Make a giant bubbling crystal bubble that eventually bursts into a cloud that covers the table


REMEMBER... WE SUPPLY THE COOL SCIENCE TOOLS AND YOU SUPPLY THE DRY ICE. Where can you get dry ice? Watch Steve's video for everything you need to know...

What's Included?

  • Full-color, 10-page, comprehensive activity guide
  • Boo Bubbles Kit
  • 3 - 500 mL clear graduated cylinders
  • Atomic Glow
  • Universal Indicator
  • 3 Flying Film Canisters
  • Large crystal ball bubble bowl
  • 15 - 9 oz cups
  • 24" Cloth strip
  • 2 Pairs of clear safety glasses
  • Tongs
  • 5 - 8" Green glow sticks
  • Dry ice glove
  • Miniature black light
    (Does not come with dry ice)

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  1. Great for a Harry Potter Party review by Moto Lena on 2/22/2016

    Did this for an 8 year old's Harry Potter Potions Class. All the kids had fun and the parents crowded around too. Be careful not to use too much bubbles though. Just be prepared to have more gloves on hand.

  2. Amazing, Easy, Fun review by E.R. on 7/7/2014

    I loved this kit. It had everything you need (minus the dry ice) and all the stuff is great quality and really works without much practice. The big bubble crystal I thought was going to be hard and it wasn't. I did it on the first try and probably only missed it once. I was so happy. The dry ice was easy to get locally and it came in little chunks so I did not have to ice pick it....again....awesome! The gloves were miracle workers with the dry ice bubbles. They really allowed the kids and me the ability to hold the bubbles. I took the suggestion of making my own bubble mixture and adding the liquid glycerin and it worked sooooooo good!!!!!!! I was so happy with this purchase...well worth the money.

  3. Ultimate! review by Marie on 4/18/2013

    When the big cardboard box sent to me from arrived on my doorstep, I was like a kid on Christmas morning! I cut though the tape and opened the flaps. What I found inside certainly lives up to the name “Ultimate Dry Ice Kit”! Not only does this kit include all the science gear required for the included experiments (Boo Bubble Generator and graduated cylinders), it includes nearly EVERYTHING else needed! The safety equipment includes a heavy glove and a pair of tongs for handling the dry ice, and 2 pairs of safety goggles.  There is even a large plastic bowl and shoe lace for the Dry Ice Crystal Ball Bubble…even the liquid dish soap is included!  A pair of knit gloves for a student to wear so the Boo Bubbles don’t pop upon skin contact? YES, there is a pair in the box! Now that is what I call Ultimate!               

    I brought the kit into my daughter’s 2nd grade class to demonstrate the experiments. The dry ice experiments fit in perfectly with their current science topic…the phases of matter. The dry ice kit illustrates how dry ice (or frozen Carbon Dioxide) goes directly from a solid to a gas; it has no liquid phase. From being able to blow up a balloon without a single puff of air to Boo Bubbles that can be held in your hand, this kit keeps students interested, excited, and engaged in science! You know the demonstration is successful when a student runs to the playground and tells their friends: “I just saw the coolest science experiment EVER!” The 2nd graders may not be able to say “sublimation” on a consistent basis, but I can guarantee you they can explain it to you!             

    Steve Spangler’s Science Ultimate Dry Ice Kit gives you the ability to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ audiences with these incredible experiments. The fact that about the only thing not included in the kit is the dry ice itself is quite impressive. Even if you are not a science major, the included packet lets you present each experiment like a seasoned pro. I know I enjoyed demonstrating these experiments to all of the 2nd graders and I know the teachers’ and students had a great time learning. This kit would be fantastic for homeschoolers, Scout Groups, or even to donate to your favorite local school. Making science fun and attainable? That’s what it is all about!

    Check out more from Marie at

    - Steve Spangler Science Web Team

  4. Dry Ice, and Everything Nice, that's what this kit is made of... review by Karin on 4/8/2013

    "...funny introductions that kids love...standards alignments that teachers appreciate."

    "...a few of [teachers'] favorite dry ice experiments, which [they] call the 'Spangler's All Stars Collection..."

    "...kid's eyes lit up as they entered the classrom and saw the set up."

    Read the rest of Karin's review at her blog
    - Steve Spangler Science Web Team

  5. Everything needed to KEEP doing Dry Ice experiments! review by Stevan S. on 2/17/2013

    After the kit arrived in a single box the only thing we had to supply was some dry ice. A call to our local “Airgas” retailer netted us dry ice at less than $1.50/lb!. Having done some of the Spangler-approved dry ice experiments in the past, we quickly knew which items were for which experiments even before finding the papers in the bottom of the box suggesting the experiments to try with the kit.

    The best part? As soon as I can get another cooler-full of dry ice, we can do all of our experiments again! Most of the kit-items are NOT disposable, and both the “Atomic Glow” and “Universal Indicator” came in amounts that should make performing these experiments happen DOZENS of times! This would be the PERFECT kit for a science teacher or elementary teacher to use again and again with class-after-class!

    In our situation, Ella (who is 5) was thrilled with the safety glasses and the knit-gloves that were sized just right for her hands. She loved catching and holding onto the “boo bubbles” as we made them and was even successful at drawing the cloth strip (soaked in dish detergent) across the bowl to create the Crystal Ball Bubble!

    My favorite ‘experiment’ was placing a small amount of water in the film canisters and then a small piece of dry ice and sealing it up tight with the lid and waiting for it to ‘pop’ off of our table. We tried different amounts of water and dry ice and noted the timing of the ‘pop’ accordingly!

    Having watched most of Steve Spangler’s videos on YouTube, we were fairly familiar with what experiments to try even without reading through the instructions that were included as a part of the kit.

    Check out the rest of Stevan's entire review at his blog,
    - Steve Spangler Science Web Team

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