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  • Geyser Tube

Mentos Geyser Tube

Quick Overview

Launch a Mentos soda geyser 30 feet in the air with the Geyser Tube


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Geyser Tube

The Geyser Tube™ is a loading tube for the now famous Diet Coke geyser powered by MENTOS®. If you've ever tried doing the experiment, you know how difficult it can be to drop the MENTOS® into the bottle before the reaction takes off... and you're soaking wet. The Geyser Tube will give you a perfect launch every time with time to stand back.

Attach the Geyser Tube to any bottle of soda (but diet soda works best because it's not sticky - no sugar!) Secure the trigger pin in place. Load the MENTOS® into the tube, lock the special pressurizing nozzle in place and pull the pin. Oh, by the way, it's best to pull the pin and then run away. The MENTOS® drop into the bottle and the powerful soda geyser comes shooting out the top with enough pressure to reach an incredible height of 30 feet. That's a record!

Improvements to the Geyser Tube have taken the geyser-creating tool to a whole new level. The trigger mechanism now has a double pull pin action, making sure there's no unwanted eruptions. When you're ready to pull the pin, a tighter seal means that you can achieve a 30 foot geyser with as few as two MENTOS® candies.

You also have the option of attaching three different Geyser Tube caps: Fountain, Fan, or "Runaway." Choose the shape of your geyser with three new Geyser Tube caps. Pick your Fountain cap to create a three spout geyser that resembles a fountain, the Fan cap to create a fan-shaped soda geyser, or the Run Away cap. Let's just say you won't want to stick around to see the shape that the last one makes.

What's Included?

Geyser Tube
  • New and improved Geyser Tube
    • Double pull pin action
    • Pressurizing nozzle
    • Improved threading
  • Roll of MENTOS® chewy mints
  • Instructions for creating the ultimate soda geyser
Geyser Tube - Fountain, Fan, & Runaway
  • New and improved Geyser Tube
    • Double pull pin action
    • Pressurizing nozzle
    • Improved threading
  • Fountain geyser cap
  • Fan geyser cap
  • "Runaway" geyser cap
  • Roll of MENTOS® chewy mints
  • Instructions for creating the ultimate soda geyser

How Does It Work?

Speaking to large crowds of buyers in New York, Steve Spangler shared a condensed history of the original geyser experiment. "Science teachers have been doing this experiment for years and years, but the original method used Wintergreen Lifesavers. When the manufacturer of the candies changed the diameter making them larger than the opening of the 2-liter bottle, teachers went looking for a substitute." Steve explained that MENTOS® candy did the trick, but dropping them into the bottle and getting away before being covered in soda was difficult. "That's why we created the Geyser Tube. Now you get a perfect drop every time without getting drenched."

What Does It Teach?

Watch the original video from 2005 that started the sensation.


  1. You’ll need a 2-liter bottle of diet soda (diet doesn’t make a sticky mess) and an outdoor location for your geyser. Select a flat surface to place the bottle.  
  2. Pull the double-action trigger pin to the “out” position and drop 2-5 MENTOS® candies into the Geyser Tube. Once the candies are in the tube, push the trigger pin to the “in” position, locking the candies in the tube. You can also add the MENTOS® into the tube by untwisting the red cap atop the tube, and dropping the candies in that way.
  3. Once the candies are settles into the tube, unscrew the 2-liter soda bottle’s cap and replace it with your Geyser Tube.
  4. Warn everyone to stand back. Countdown… 3-2-1… and pull the trigger.  The MENTOS® will drop and the soda will go flying into the air!
  5. Pour out the remaining soda and take a look at the MENTOS®. You can see where the soda has eaten away at the surface of the candy. No need to waste the candy… they still taste great.

Take the Taste Test
You’ll notice that there is still some soda left in the bottom of the bottle. Twist off the Geyser Tube and taste the soda. Beside tasting minty fresh, you’ll probably notice that all of the bubbles of carbon dioxide are gone. The soda is flat. Very interesting!

The Science Behind the Fizz
What made the soda shoot up so much higher? You already know why the soda erupts (if you forgot, re-read the explanation part of the previous experiment called The Original MENTOS® Geyser). Look closely at the cap on top of the Geyser Tube. Do you notice the small hole in the top? That’s the secret! The smaller hole caused the soda to build up more pressure and the result was a 20 to 30 foot soda geyser.

You may have also noticed the clear plastic sleeve that slides back and forth on the Geyser Tube. When you pull the pin, the sleeve drops down to cover the two holes at the bottom of the Geyser Tube where the pin used to be. Without the sleeve, lots of soda shoots out from the two holes and keeps the geyser from going higher. Steve Spangler worked on many ways to keep the soda from shooting out of the holes and the sleeve method is the one he liked the best (and so did the attorneys who filed the patent for the Geyser Tube).

The Geyser Tube™ is a Steve Spangler Science creation. Patent Pending.
MENTOS® is a registered trademark of Perfetti Van Melle B.V.



Science Fair Connection:

Setting off a Mentos Geyser isn't, by itself, a science fair project. There are some very easy ways to make experimenting with geysers a great science fair project, though. The key to creating an awesome Mentos Geyser themed science fair project is isolating a variable. A variable is a component of the experiment that changes and, hopefully, alters the experiment. Some examples of possible variables with the Mentos Geyser include:

  • Try different brands or types of soda and find a way to measure which erupts the highest.
  • Test different numbers of Mentos to find the number of Mentos that creates the tallest geyser.
  • Find out what temperature is best for geyser eruptions.

These are just examples of variations that you can try to turn the Mentos Geyser Tube into a science fair project. Remember, you have to keep all other factors the same. If you're testing different brands of soda, make sure the number of Mentos you use is always the same and that the sodas are kept at the same temperature. 

Additional Information

Product FAQ
  • Will I get wet?
    There is a possibility but the geyser tube device is designed to minimize the likelihood of getting wet, especially with the 3-foot long string.
  • Is it reusable? 
    Yes, all you need to do the experiment again is another pack of Mentos and a new bottle of Diet Coke.
  • How high does it shoot? 
    It all depends on the bottle of Diet Coke; a new bottle works better than one that has been sitting around for a while.  On average though, it shoots to a little over 20 feet.
  • What type of soda works best?
    We have experimented with all types of soda and the soda that gave us the best results was Diet Coke due to having the most carbonation.  However, any soda or carbonated beverage will work.
  • Does it hold the entire roll?
    No, the maximum that the tube holds is 11.  The roll is 14 so you can snack on the other three!!  We found that 7-10 Mentos produces the highest Geyser.

Warning - Choking Hazard

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  1. Cheap & easy fun! review by Kamron on 3/20/2015

    For $5 my kids and I can make a huge soda fountain just like the company promises. This is a well designed piece that makes making a mess super easy. If you are on the fence, hit YouTube and see for yourself. Then buy 1. It's really cool.

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