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Slime Time

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Quick Overview

The best slime on the market makes for hours of fun and educational learning experiences for your young scientist. Don't miss out on this Spangler Science Club exclusive kit.

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Two safe, simple liquids combine to make a handful of a delightfully clear, slimy glob. Science doesn’t get any better than this! Spangler's recipe adds stabilizing agents to keep your slime clean while still preserving its stretchy, stringy, gooey properties that you expect. From a single, basic recipe, a number of variations on texture and components brings you different results. You discover that slime has two personalities; you can blow tabletop bubbles using slime; best of all, you can really demonstrate the need to cover all your sneezes. Slime even has a homemade cousin that may surprise you. It’s a great way to have a lot of fun while learning!

What's Included?

The kit comes with the essential materials you’ll need to conduct many experiments, take-it-further activities and challenges for 1 - 4 children per kit.

You’ll also receive two instruction guides – one for the scientist and a top secret document for the adult science helper. The easy to follow step-by-step instructions guide the learner through the scientific method while providing open-ended activities to promote further learning. The adult helper’s top secret document contains the science explanation behind all of the experiments and answers to all of the science questions. Best of all, you’ll receive helpful tips and suggestions for ways to work with your child to create an unforgettable learning experience.

Recommended for children ages 4 and up with adult supervision.

What Does It Teach?

Slime is easy to mix and fun to play with but has an educational side, too. It leads right into polymers, cross linking, liquids vs. solids, mixtures, and reactions. Use slime to teach about states of matter as two liquids mix to become a solid. Changing the basic quantities of the liquids used changes the resulting slime and the evidence is discovered immediately. Making slime is easy but the process teaches handling chemicals safely and following lab rules. Students have to measure and count carefully if they want a particular consistency of slime or if they’re making homemade slime. The best part for them may be doing the “research on” (aka: playing with) the slime. It’s a very tactile experience! 

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