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Deluxe Bouncing Bubble Kit

Quick Overview

Are you a true bubble-ologist? Have you ever bounced a bubble?


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Are you a true bubble-ologist? Have you ever bounced a bubble? Can you squeeze a bubble? Are you a true bubble trickster? With this kit you will be able to do all of this and more! The amazing bubble concentrate makes 4 Liters (1 gallon) worth of incredible bubble solution. You will also receive some of the best bubble blowers on the market and gloves so you can actually touch and play with a bubble - AMAZING! So go ahead, mix up a batch and discover the true beauty of a bubble!

This isn't your standard soap and glycerin mixture. Our bubble connoisseurs worked with a true bubble chemist (no lie) to formulate a polymer-enriched bubble solution that produces huge, long-lasting bubbles. The concentrate makes 1 gallon (4 liters) of non-toxic, Extreme Bubble Solution.

You can really hold and bounce a bubble without it popping. How cool is that! Or if you've been looking to really show off your bubble blowing skills and blow a monstrous bubble, the Extreme Bubble Solution is a must-have. Become a true bubble-ologist and pick up the Deluxe Bouncing Bubble Kit. Recommended for children ages 8 and up.

What's Included?

Deluxe Bouncing Bubble Kit
  • 1 bottle of Extreme Bubble Solution, makes 4 Liters (1 Gallon) of Bubble Solution
  • 4 Magic Gloves to be able to touch and play with the bubble
  • 1-liter bottle with cap
    **Bottle cap color may vary.**
  • 5 Plastic cups, 118 mL (4 oz)
  • 20 Pipette Bubble Blowers

How Does It Work?

The Deluxe Bouncing Bubble Kit is amazing because most people have never seen a bubble bounce! Experience tells us that regular bubbles burst when they come in contact with just about anything. Why? A bubble’s worst enemies are oil and dirt. A “super” bubble will bounce off of a surface if it is free of oil or dirt particles that would normally break down the soap film.

What Does It Teach?

Young scientists will be enthralled as they explore the amazing world of surface tension while playing with something everyone loves... BUBBLES!

Additional Information

Product FAQ
  • Can I use other gloves?
    Yes, you can use other gloves.  The only requirement is that they have to be a clean cloth type of material otherwise the bubble may not survive.
  • What are the pipettes for?
    Simply cut off the top of the bulb part of the pipette, stick that end into the solution, take it out and blow through the nozzle and you will be blowing some of the best bubbles you have ever seen.  The secret behind the pipette is that it allows for the perfect airflow to blow up the bubble.  So whether you blow hard or soft, you will always get the best bubbles.

Warning - Choking Hazard

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  1. So much fun review by Brian Peck on 4/9/2013

    I ordered this product before and needed more of it. It is so easy like all of Steves's products to use. It makes for tons of fun for adults and kids alike. I highly recommend it.

  2. Bouncing Bubble Kit review by Dawn on 2/26/2013

    What a huge disappointment and obviously a waste of money! We followed every direction to the letter, even going and buying distilled water (as the directions said it would work best) and we could hardly get bubbles, much less bubbles that bounce! I bought this special as my autistic son has a real love for science, and it was SO sad for him. I do not understand why it did not work as we did EVERYTHING the directions told us to do. I can only assume there was a problem with the bubble solution or with the directions.

    Oh no! That is definitely not what is supposed to happen when you use the included Extreme Bubble Solution. You must have received a bad batch. Our customer service team will be in touch with you very soon to try and rectify the situation.
    -Steve Spangler Science Web Team

  3. This Kit is review by Leonard Hutchens on 1/7/2013

    This is a "hit" with my science classes and science parties. Kids are amazed when they "catch a bubble".

  4. Cool Polymer Worms review by T. Sangiorgi on 12/25/2012

    I use the no-pop polymer bubbles in class to excite my students about polymers. I always have to blow the bubbles at the very end of class because I lose the students after that - all they want to do is catch the bubbles. I think I will let a few students demonstrate the polymer worms during class to motivate them. Nice product.

  5. Bouncing Bubble Kit review by Danae on 12/6/2012

    The most important item in The Bouncing Bubble Kit is the concentrated bubble solution that is a polymer enhanced formula that produces longer and stronger lasting bubbles. With this kit you can blow a bubbles that you can bounce and catch in your hands. Come to find out the reason why bubbles pop when they hit skin is because of the oil and the dirt that may be on your hands, so the way that you can catch, bounce and lightly squeeze the bubble is with a clean cotton glove. The second important item in this kit is the pipettes. The reason that we use the pipettes instead of bubble wands is because the pipette has an airway so that the air goes straight into the bubble.I found that in order to do this kit you will need a pair of scissors to cut off the top of the pipettes. Also in the directions when it tells you to pour half of the solution in the 1 litter bottle and the rest of the bottle with water, you should add a little extra bubble solution so that the bubbles will not pop right after you blow it up.

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