Valor Christian High School

Spangler Salutes the Students and Staff at Valor Christian High School

Waking up early in the morning to the sounds of alcohol rockets, exploding film canisters and a big blast from whoosh bottles is nothing new to 9News viewers in Denver, Colorado. 9News Science Guy Steve Spangler introduced the morning crew to an amazing teacher at Valor Christian High School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Missy Marchino is one of those chemistry teachers you wish you had when you were in school. She inspires her students to really get engaged in their learning through a series of cool science demonstrations that make students say, “How did you do that?” Mrs. Marchino invited her students to share some of their favorite demonstrations as part of Steve Spangler’s Mad About Science salute to Colorado schools that are making a difference.


Visit the website for more information about Valor Christian High School.

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